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Repost. . . .Friday, January 2, 2009

This was the first blog I posted this year. Due to current events, I found it to be relevant and worthy of reposting. My new year got off on the wrong foot because of bad people acting unlawfully. I also submitted this to some of the local newspapers. Although not published, I received numerous replies complimenting me with my sincerity and candidness. I have edited the content. I removed a number of nicknames and phrases that might have previously kept it off the editorial page.

White Man Living Among Hispanics

My New Year is off to a good start. I’m already making new enemies. Some wannabe thugnut Mestizo that lives a few doors to the west of me was letting his pit bulls run the neighborhood. This went on for some time. A few days ago one of these dogs deposited a dead animal in my back yard. I own about 3.3 acres in an agricultural area and have the front half of my property fenced in. The rear half is not fenced.

I didn’t pay much attention to the dog until the festering carcass appeared and the dog began acting aggressively towards me while defending the rotting meat. I won’t walk outside my fence without carrying a L1A1 7.62mm assault rifle or M-4 carbine slung over my shoulder just in case some rabid animal decides it wants a piece of me. I also carry the weapon to protect myself from any rogue UDA’s that I might encounter. Rural Arizona is every bit as dangerous for a White Man as any inner city ghetto.

There has been an outbreak of rabies here in Pinal County and I suspect much of it is due to these free roaming dogs. Having a dog at large is also a criminal offense, but these scofflaws don’t seem to think the laws apply to them. No wonder I have racist views. Most of my contact with these Mexcrements have been negative.

This is the fourth time in 16 years that somebody in this neighborhood ignored the rules about having loose dogs. There were actually many more unreported incidents. I didn't bother reporting those incidents opting to eliminate the problems on my own. Too many people live out here, so doing the “sniper thing” is not a good option anymore. Although this is supposed to be the “wild west“, people tend to freak out when they see armed people. Especially if it’s me.

It seems that White People are often punished for doing the right thing. The non-white criminal suddenly becomes the victim and screams, "RACISM!!!" Oddly enough the offenders have nearly all been Mestizos. On the second occasion, I was actually arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. I was unarmed at the time. The arresting officer was also Mexican. Apparently, my mouth is a deadly weapon in Pinal County. Fortunately, he's no longer a Pinal County Sheriff's deputy. The charges were eventually dropped. This problem didn’t go away until the offenders house mysteriously burned to the ground. I will never forget the New Years Eve of years past when the sheriff’s deputy woke me up and asked me about the fire. My reply was, “What fire?” No charges were ever filed. I have been forced to resort to violence in the past to protect myself and my property. I’ll be happy to get violent again if need be. I like to finish things.

A Pinal County Animal Control officer has responded to the offenders address twice in the last three days. According to what I heard through the grape vine, the offender was cited. Less than 24 hours later, that same dog was back in my yard picking over that carcass. I hope that animal died from some nasty infectious disease and that dog is taking it back home to infect this wannabe thugnut’s entire family. I told the animal control officer that my ancestors used dead animals as biological weapons to infect walled cities and water supplies. I also asked the officer, “How would you like it if somebody came over to your house, shit in your yard and left a smelly dead animal behind?” Of course she answered in the negative.

Less than one hour after the animal control officer left the area, somebody tore up a bunch of scrap paper and left it on the ground between my driveway and my mailbox. At first I thought somebody rifled my mail. My order from Tightrope containing over 60 CD’s was sitting out there. I'm glad nothing happened to it.

Within two hours of the incident, the offender walked by my property with all three of his pit bulls. While making ugly facial gestures, he pointed at me. I stood there and gave him a dirty look in return. I made sure he saw my Sig Sauer P-226 strapped to my thigh. I’m sure there will be more trouble with this individual. His sole purpose for passing by my home was to intimidate me. He failed! And politicians say that we don’t need military weapons with high capacity magazines.

I’m tired of having these brown sub-human creatures roaming at large thinking they can do as they please. They have absolutely no consideration for the people that live around them. Civilized, they are not. I spent the last two years getting the Mexicans right next door to keep the noise down from their makeshift church (Iglesia Apostolica De La Fe En Cristo Jesus) they set up on their front porch. Using a PA system, they yelled sermons at children sitting just a few feet away. Verbally assaulting children with a fire and brimstone sermon probably would do more harm than good. If I were a kid forced to listen to that, I would probably rebel by knocking off a liquor store and executing the clerk and customers. I’m hearing impaired and could hear them screaming in my living room. I finally ended up getting the zoning inspector to show up and find various violations. Their congregation has appeared to have shrunk and it moved indoors. I have won one battle in this war of "us" vs. "them". What really puzzled me about this church is that they actually worship the god of the people that tried to enslave and exterminate their ancestors.

There is no way that I could ever be convinced these lawless creatures are my racial equal. If you’re nice to them, they see that as weakness and an invitation to walk all over you. That’s not going to happen here. According to the FBI, minorities are responsible for 80% of crime in this country. I believe they were being conservative in their estimate as some law enforcement agencies classify some obvious non-white offenders as being white.

Note: I Google’d “Iglesia Apostolica De La Fe En Cristo Jesus”. It’s the name of a real church. It’s main site gave me a 404 error. I also found a directory with no Maricopa, AZ chapter listed. I suspect the so-called church next door is a fraud.

It still amazes me that I can sit home, mind my own business, not bother anyone, but as the result of willful unlawful actions by these brown-skinned b&llsh*t motherf*ckers, I’m the f*cki#g @$$hole.

It's very frustrating that this is what our society has become and there is nothing we can do except stand back and watch it happen, sanctioned by liberal, criminal politicians all in the name of diversity.

Update: On Friday June 26, 2009, the sign at the “church” next door was taken down. Maybe they’ll do better selling their junk at the dust covered Papago Rd/Farmer’s Convenience Store Swap Meet. No joke! There really is such a thing.

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  1. This particular thug nut has recently moved out of his residence, leaving a huge unsightly mess behind. "Well to do" civilized human beings do not do things like this.