Friday, June 26, 2009

Shocking News! Somebody is reading my blogs and emails

Shocking News!
Somebody is reading my blogs and emails.
Who? Pinal County Government, that’s who.
Shortly after lunch on Tuesday, June 9, 2009, a received an unexpected telephone call from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. It seems that my mentioning that rifle (in my previous blog) that was taken as evidence from me way back in 1996 started an unexpected chain reaction of events.

Normally, most people really don’t like what I have to say. On any given day, I would think my posts and emails would either be ignored or deleted. It was different this time and in a positive way.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009, I receive another phone call from the PCSO. I almost didn’t believe my ears and not because I’m hearing impaired. I’m getting my trusty Russian rifle back after 13 years! After that much time, I thought my rifle would have been turned into a man hole cover by now.

A couple of deputies stopped by my home for a visit and informed me that a release for my weapon is in the works. It won’t be long before we are re-united. We also talked of the changes in the new Sheriff Babeau administration. As before, I said, “This town needed a new sheriff.” We got one!

During our conversation, the subject of illegal immigration came up. I was most pleased to hear that the PSCO is stepping up enforcement in my area. I live on the illegal alien “superhighway”. Of course, I provided some input as to what I’ve observed in regard to illegal aliens in my area.

It disgusts me to know that there are those that oppose 287g enforcement. In the interest of national and economic security, we need to secure our borders. 287G is an agreement between local law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security to designate certain local officers as enforcers of immigration law.
Having given this some thought, it might be a great idea to form a citizen’s group in my area to help combat illegal immigration and to support the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Similar groups such as Riders USA,, Minutemen Civil Defense Corps., and American Citizens United in neighboring Maricopa County have worked hard to oppose illegal immigration and support Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Pinal County residents should be doing the same thing.

As many of my readers know, I have marched in street protests against the hordes of illegal invaders shoulder to shoulder with members of these groups.

Instead of looking the other way and ignoring the “unwelcome guests“, many of which are sexual offenders and violent thieves, we should become more aware of what is happening in our neighborhoods. I think that concerned citizens should keep a small notebook handy and record suspicious activities and people they see. Include dates and times. Learn who is “friend” and who is “foe”.

Last Sunday I stopped by a local church and observed a very unusual transaction of money. This church doesn’t appear to have a congregation, nor does it appear to hold services. When I saw this, all kinds of red flags went up along with many bells and whistles. I looked over at the person I went with and said, “What did we just see?“ People engaged in criminal enterprises need “fronts” to launder their money. Some of these places attract the very worst of criminals and they might be right next door to your home and your children.
"For better or worse, you happen to be alive at one of the most dramatic turning points in our species’ history that ranks right up there with climbing down out of the trees. The only real question is, what role do you want to play? Shall your life be filled with fear or a resolute sense of purpose?" -Chris Martenson

Gordon Uses DC Shooting To Attack Arpaio
Mayor Phil Gordon uses the DC shooting to criticize Sheriff Arpaio for what he characterized as Arpaio's "associations" with neo-Nazis. More KPHO Channel 5 is airing that famous picture I took Of Joe Arpaio. I did that all the way back on May 2, 2009 and it’s still making the evening news.

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