Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunderbird Farms: Bad dog still at large. . .Bad neighbors still go unpunished

Thunderbird Farms:
Bad dog still at large. . . . Bad neighbors still go unpunished
6:38PM June 8, 2009 Bonefield's dog, still at large
Note: Minutes after taking this photograph, a teenaged kid rode by on an ATV. The dog was starting to chase him. Fortunately, my dogs and I were outside at the time to create a distraction. His thoughtless neglectful parents should not let him operate an unlicensed, uninsured, unregistered vehicle on a public road. I hope his parents will bury him someday soon. This may seem harsh. I have come to the conclusion that compassion is one of the biggest weaknesses a human can have.
As expected, Pinal County Animal Care/Control seems to be powerless in ensuring public safety. One dog appears to be capable of paralyzing an entire county agency. If people didn’t think these animal control officers were a joke before, they probably have reconsidered by now.

I’ve observed Bonefield’s dog chasing motorcycles and ATV’s. This dog will chase almost anything that moves. It would make me laugh if that dog caused one of these scofflaw cyclists to lose control, wreck and paint the road with their brains. After having a good laugh, I would put my camera to good use. Death always sells and such an incident would be a nice payday for me. I would have no sympathy for the corpse either. Unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured vehicles have no business operating on public roads. The way I see it, the cyclist would deserve to die just as much as Bonefield would deserve a seven figure wrongful death judgment against him.

Seeing Bonefield become homeless would be the justice he deserves. Instead of spending many hundreds of dollars on plants, concrete work, irrigation and outdoor lighting, he should have erected a fence to keep his dog at home. I hope he loses everything someday. Maybe he’ll have to eat his horses. By the way, his horses have no shade.

I would make one hell of a witness at the trial. My writings, emails, fax’s, dozens of photographs and online posts to all of the various county and state agencies would be damning for the defendants. Yes, there will be multiple defendants. I’m sure Pinal County would be sued as well. As a tax payer, this would really piss me off. I warned them and they ignored me.

When I first moved to Thunderbird Farms, I tried to raise my own livestock and poultry. I thought this would be fun and relaxing. It turned out to be a living nightmare. I had to give up this hobby solely due to the fact that my thoughtless, inconsiderate criminal neighbors allowed their dogs to roam at large. Despite erecting a fence, the dogs would find their way over or under it. They would kill my animals. The “system” wasn’t there to back me up. Not once!!!

In fact, as a result of the Pinal County Animal Care/Control not being aggressive enough in enforcing the law, many of my animals were killed. I was never able to recover any of my losses. The day after my neighbor’s dog was finally impounded, the neighbors filed false criminal charges against me and I was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. I was unarmed. It was also dark, raining and the Hispanic liars next door apparently had x-ray/night vision. The non-white Hispanic sheriff’s deputy badgered my tenant and forced him to hand over a .22 cal rifle that was in my home. I never got that weapon back. It was a Russian TOZ 17A1 SN.#5225. After all of these years, I still remember the serial number.

I was deprived of my personal property without the benefit of due process of law. I was demonized and made out to be the “bad guy“. The offenders got off with not as much as a warning. “Payback” eventually did come. A couple of days after getting out of jail, one of those punks left his bike out by my fence. He never saw it again. One of the persons that accused me was eventually convicted and locked up for assault. Ironic, isn’t it? The icing on the cake was when their home burned to the ground and I enjoyed the peace and quiet of having a vacant lot next door.

Currently, I am disabled and would have plenty of time to raise animals for food. I don’t bother because of obvious reasons. It’s much easier for me to collect food stamps on the tax payer’s dime and visit the local food bank every week. I learned that motivation and hard work is never rewarded. Some son of a bitch always shows up to ruin everything.

My goal is to be a burden to the system that ignored the rule of law. The liberals, the uneducated and the selfish and greedy special interest groups voted us all into this mess. Now we are all being served a giant excrement sandwich and everybody has to take a bite. I hope you all enjoy your meal. You’re paying for it, so you might as well eat it!

Note: I would like to thank Deputy Michael Claeys and Deputy Roger Wallace of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office for being patient and understanding with me during those numerous occasions when they responded to my home. I was extremely angry and upset about my dead animals. Deputy Wallace was the officer that asked me about the fire next door when I replied, “What fire?”
“Without beating around the bush, I'll tell you now what I have concluded about the change in the moral quality of our people during the past half century. American men and women today are softer, weaker, less reliable, less willing to accept responsibility, less patriotic, less able to endure discomfort or hardship, less willing to postpone gratification, and more willing to tolerate weakness and corruption in others than they were 50 years ago.” --Dr. William L. Pierce

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