Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunderbird Farms: Scofflaws slowly putting up fence

Thunderbird Farms:
Scofflaw’s slowly putting up fence. . . .

It won’t be fast enough! Bonefield’s dog is observed still wandering the street early Sunday (yesterday) evening. Bonefield just stands there and looks the other way as I watch. I’ve got news. The world is watching my little corner of the universe.

Text of my June 9th email to Pinal County:
To: Customer Service
Date: 6/9/2009 9:25:59 PM
Subject: Cal Bonefield's dog is still at large, still no action
Pinal County Animal Care/Control
764 S Eleven Mile Corner Rd
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
Read the story and watch the video. This story should serve as a message. This breaking news couldn't have happened at a better time.

Cal Bonefield's dog was still running around "at large" yesterday afternoon. Nothing has been done to correct the problem. I guess I'm going to have to fix it myself.

I have a quantity of Victor leg hold traps. I trapped for fur back in the Appalachia Mountains of Pennsylvania and brought some of them out here with me. Although they are no longer legal for use on public land, they are still legal to use of private land. I have used them before and it appears that I will be using them again. It's my intention to place these traps in my back yard and bait them with chicken bones and table scraps. I'm sure Bonefield's dog will like my bait as he already ate a wad of toilet paper I wiped my ass on earlier today.

These traps are not intended to allow for the live release of animals and unfortunately, it's not lawful to discharge a firearm within 1/4 mile of an occupied building. Back in PA, I used a baseball bat to crack their skulls. Sometimes it will require a half dozen good solid blows to kill a dog. My property is zoned "suburban ranch", which makes it agricultural property, giving me the full right to control predation on my land.

PETA will have a field day with this as I am notifying them of what is happening on my street. You might get those protesters I promised.

I seem to recall that my dogs got out once because the paramedics that took me to the hospital didn't latch my gate quite right. The animal control officer was waiting for me at my gate with a written warning for me (and Booger) as soon as I got out of the hospital. Apparently some people are not treated the same. That phrase, "equal protection under the law" must not apply here as Bonefield's dogs have had a free pass for months. Even after my complaining, nothing is done about it.

By the way, I'm getting lots of hits on my blog this week. Steve Lemons (a.k.a. Feathered Bastard) of the Phoenix New Times (circulation 110,000+) has been known to read of my posts. Maybe he will put in his two cents before this is over.

I can see the headlines now. . . .
Local Neo-Nazi “Vandal” comes up with “final solution” (to dog problem)

Though he would reveal his name only as "Harry," this particular neo-Nazi is known as "Vandal" on his Yahoo profile, where he lists late white supremacist leader William Pierce's racist, dystopian novel The Turner Diaries and Tenney Davis' The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives as two of his favorite books.
Vandal said he’s through being polite and patient and has devised a sinister plan to rid his neighborhood of these menacing dogs at large once and for all. Only a man of pure evil fabric would attempt to make his own neighborhood safe. This definitely sounds racist.

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