Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunderbird Farms: Scofflaws continue. . .

Thunderbird Farms: Scofflaws continue to let dog roam at large. No end in sight.

At the very beginninng of this battle I stated: "Bonefield has all of the makings of an apathetic habitual offender." I was absolutely correct in making this statement.

Once again, I wrote the county:

Monday, June 22, 2009 5:42AM and Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 6:06AM These are the most recent dates and times I have been rudely awakened by Bonefield's dog running along my fence barking. This happens so often that all vegetation has been worn off the ground along my fence. A depression has been created by the dog's constant foot traffic. To pour salt in an already festering wound, the Bonefield's stand out there and watch. Come out and look for yourself. Imaging being rudely awakened everyday. Would you be angry? How long can you get by with being cheated out of 2-3 hours of sleep on a daily basis? I'm tired and angry. Enough is enough!!!!!

I found that all I have to do is walk on my street at 2:00AM and every dog around me barks for as long as an hour. I intend to adjust my exercise schedule so that I will be out for my walk every morning at 2:00AM. I think everybody in my neighborhood should be deprived of sleep too. What's good for me is good for them. Right? Let's see what things will be like when everybody on White Road is tired and angry.

This is almost worth going to jail for. I could get free health and dental care. As it should happen, my dentist is the same one the county uses for it's jail inmates. Would the detention officers make sure I keep my July 23, 2009, appointment? The only thing preventing me from doing this is my inability to get a quality trustworthy dog sitter for my "stay at home" dogs.

My communication with The Pinal County Sheriff's Office:

The other day when we spoke, you suggested that I not go talk directly to the Bonefield's about their dog running at large so we could see if the Animal Control notification had carried any impact.
It appears it has not.
I am inclined to ask Deputy Hanes to go speak with them. You may remember meeting him the other day when we were speaking and he is assigned to day shift in your area. Be aware that we come on duty at 0600 hours, so you have to "give" him drive time to check out there, but it may carry an impact to have law enforcement make contact since they have apparently ignored ACO warnings.

Please let me know if you think this will help or cause more issues. While animal issues are normally outside of law enforcement purview with the exception of priority response for vicious dogs threatening public safety, it is our duty and responsibility to be "Peace Keepers" in our assigned districts.
You may remember meeting Deputy Hanes the other day. He is assigned to your area and a good cop. I am sending a copy of this to Hanes and to the ACO supervisor for review.
Please let me know and I will have Hanes make contact. Hope all is going well for you other than the rude awakenings.
Sergeant Ellsworth

My response:

Thanks for responding so promptly. Deputy Hanes left a very positive impression with me and he's more than welcome to "keep the peace" by having a chat with the Bonefields. Cal Bonefield won't even make eye contact with me from across the street. I'm more concerned with the female that resides there. She has been the primary cause for the dogs roaming every morning. She is the one that most appears to be treating this issue with spiteful contemptuous disregard. She has also begun to take pictures of me like she is some sort of victim of injustice. I hope she liked my poses. It still floors me how this dynamic comes into play when somebody gets caught or called on the carpet.

I'm sure this is not over yet:

I have a theory that Bonefield is too lazy to clean up after his dogs so he allows them to use my whole neighborhood as a place to deposit their feces. The residence across the street is home to many dogs. They all bark for extended periods of time when Bonefield's dogs freely roam. The occupants of this home never come out to see why their dogs are barking nor do they do anything to make them shut up. Does persistant barking dog mean anything to anybody? It's just one more offense subject to penalty. Somebody could rob these people blind and they would never know it. Do these people have the proper permits to have so many dogs? Chances are, we have more scofflaws that need to be singled out and made examples of.

Photo: Imagine waking up to this commotion each and every morning. Notice the position of the sun. I should be in bed sleeping and not out here playing detective. My taxes are supposed to fund law enforcement. It seems that I am doing somebody else's job and the expenses are coming directly out of my pocket. What happened to my right to peacefully enjoy my property. I paid many thousands of dollars to live here and I feel that I should be able to live in peace.

How would Bonefield like it if I decided to take a walk in his backyard? I am willing to bet that he would be dialing 911 and screaming bloody murder if I did. How would he like it if I let my dogs come over and shit in his yard? I'm sure Bonefield would get upset if I came over and took a piss on his plants. He's got some new ones right by the fence.

In the news: Another child attacked by dog at large

Dog found dead, suspected in attack on El Mirage 3-year-old Tue Jun 23, 2009
The dog found that was involved in Sunday night's attack on a young child, officials said. The 3-year-old boy and child and his mother were sent to the hospital after the pit bull attack Sunday ni... more...

It appears that an armed and concerned citizen took care of a problem that authorities were obviously not capable of correcting. One rather inexpensive bullet did the job.This just goes to show what one motivated individual and his rifle can do.

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