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Booger. . . July 3, 2009

On the day before her 9th birthday, Booger chases the neighbor's cat up the pole that supports my telephone line. This cat will not learn. I often find this cat stuck on top of my horse stalls or the telephone pole in the middle of my back yard. This cat has spent many hours of its' life "pole sitting". He must enjoy it or he would not keep coming back.

Bill to criminalize illegal immigrants rejected

The bill would have made Arizona the only state to criminalize the presence of illegal immigrants through an expansion of its trespassing law.

The proposal also would have prohibited cities and counties from limiting police officers in enforcing federal immigration law and require officers to try to determine people's immigration status when questions arise about their presence in the country.

Nineteen representatives missed the vote, which took place near the end of an overnight session as some lawmakers left the Capitol because of the approaching end to their 2009 session.
Though absenteeism likely was a factor in the bill's defeat, Senator Pearce said he wasn't surprised that the measure failed in the House.

"Some people support law breakers over law keepers," he said. "How many more officers are we going to have killed?"

Although immigration has long been considered the sole responsibility of the federal government, advocates for tougher border enforcement have said for several years that local authorities could help lessen border woes in Arizona, the busiest illegal entry point into the United States.

The Legislature's defeat of the measure was the third time since 2006 that lawmakers have considered a trespassing expansion aimed at illegal immigrants. In 2006, then-Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed two bills with similar trespassing provisions. The Democratic governor had said she opposed automatically turning all immigrants who sneaked into the state into criminals.
Illegal immigrants account for an estimated 500,000 people in Arizona's 6.5 million population.

Under the trespassing proposal, a first offense would be a top-tier misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail. Subsequent violations would be a felony that would carry a penalty of up to 2 1/2years in prison. Agencies arresting first-time offenders would have the option of prosecuting them or turning them over to federal authorities.

I'm disgusted. . .

What is "off" is that 19 out of 60 members of the House registered a vote of "Not Voting." That's right, nearly one-third of the 60 Representatives punted on this bill. The voters should find replacements for them. As has been the case, it will be up to citizen's groups (i.e. biker groups and "white supremacists") to make these illegal aliens feel as unwelcome as possible. If the government won't act, the people will. I will be looking forward to the upcoming UDA patrols and immigration protests. Meanwhile, "Pedro" better be looking over his shoulder.

Each and every day, 25 Americans are KILLED by illegal aliens. Make no mistake about it. This is a WAR!

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