Monday, July 6, 2009

Local "Food Bank" Distributes Rancid Food

Photo: As a result of heat, expanding gases bring the salad bag to the brink of bursting. The contents were beginning to liquefy. The pastry didn't even have a cover. Out of this, a loaf of bread and three bananas were salvageable. I tossed the rest out for the birds and rabbits that call my yard, home. They might eat it.

A local ‘church’ on the south side of the 49000 block of W. Mayer Blvd, Maricopa, AZ 85139 (located between White RD & Marci LN w/no visible street address and not listed in the local “DEX” telephone directory), known as the "Divine Mercy Catholic Lay Missionaries" is giving away perishable food that is not properly stored. Much of the food is rancid and not in any way fit for human consumption. Perhaps, hogs might eat it. Humans should not!

I believe that the Divine Mercy's intentions may be partially noble, but when it endangers the public safety, some form of corrective action must be taken. Up until yesterday, I accepted food from Divine Mercy. The only reason I went yesterday was to obtain food for the purpose of photographing it.

I came home with a milk crate containing lettuce, a cooked chicken, bananas, broccoli, a party tray and bread. I ended up throwing almost all of it away as soon as I got home. Last week. the bread was moldy within 36 hours after bringing it home. I fed it to the birds. Containers of blueberries and strawberries were covered with mold. A container of cantaloupe chunks emitted a foul stench when I opened it. How disgusting! What do you think happens to fruit and vegetables encased in a plastic container on a 105+ degree day?

Divine Mercy gets this food from Safeway. I will be writing a letter explaining what becomes of their donation once it leaves their warehouse. I will also explain that the operators of Divine Mercy also ‘skim’ off many of the edible items and keep them for their own personal use. They are NOT giving away all of the food they receive from Safeway to the needy. Once again, I believe I have encountered selfish and greedy people hiding behind the guise of religion. I am convinced that they are using charity to enrich themselves. This is nothing new, Isn't it?

Earlier in my life, I worked in the food service industry. I was required to take a class and acquire a food handlers card. To this day, I still have a valid food handler’s card. I learned that perishable food must be stored in a clean place with a temperature at or below 40 F degrees.
Divine Mercy transports this food all the way out to Maricopa in an un-refrigerated van. Once they get around to unloading the food, it's stored for hours at room temperature. The room in question is cooled by an evaporative cooler from an adjoining room. I have also observed cats in this room with the food.

Visitors are frequently offered a piece of cake. This could very well be a test of courage. The cake shows obviously signs of “heat stress“. I mean that it's so hot that the icing is melted off the cake. The last piece I tried tasted like metal. I'm not kidding! I was polite and didn't say anything. I really should have. I really wanted to.

Approximately two weeks ago, I became violently ill after eating some of this questionable food. This was my breaking point. I’ve been taking too many chances with this food for nearly a year. A man who faces angry mobs for fun at immigration protests shouldn’t have be afraid of eating food. I do not have health care coverage of any sort and therefore was unable to seek medical attention. I had to tough it out for close to 48 hours.

I hope many more people eat this food and get sick. We could all jump on the class action bandwagon and legally pursue Divine Mercy and Safeway. Don't we have a wonderful legal system? (sarcasm) As is almost always the case, something bad has to happen before action is taken.

Divine Mercy is the same church where I previously described a suspicious exchange of a black bag full of money. I also believe that Divine Mercy is in some way involved or has been involved with human smuggling and/or the harboring of illegal aliens. As I said before, this church doesn't hold services nor does it appear to have a congregation. Suspicious, isn't it?

During my conversation yesterday with the elderly Asian man (who wears the ugly yellow pants) that runs the ‘church’, he told me that there were a couple of suspected UDA’s residing in a trailer (west of main building) on his property. He said they were paying him $25.00/week to stay there and they were keeping the gate closed and locked because they were afraid the immigration officers would come to deport them. For those I.C.E. and 287g officers that might be reading this, the key happens to be on the back side of the gate right next to the lock (left of lock if you're facing the gate). I had no trouble finding it.

How do you run a food bank for the public if the front gate is closed and locked?

To my surprise, I did find information on the Internet. What did stick out was that this place is supposed to have 20 employees. Maybe those are the illegal aliens hiding in that trailer in fear of being deported. Even more puzzling is how $440,000 in sales are generated? Although this is not Denmark, something other than the food is rotten.

Divine Mercy Catholic Lay Missionary
(The sign on the building doesn’t quite match what I found on this link)
49251 W Mayer Blvd, Maricopa, AZ 85139-5212
Phone: (520) 568-4590

I have a possible solution. . . .

Maricopa does have a legitimate food bank that is more capable of handling perishable food. Here is a link to their site:
Contact person: Wendy Webb
Phone: 520-251-0226

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