Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No More Jacko. . .Disappointed Media & Over-inflated Hype. . .

I was not planning on doing this, but I had to give writing a Michael Jackson blog a try. I never liked him and don’t believe a child molesting dope fiend deserves any recognition regardless of his lifetime accomplishments or popularity. As far as I’m concerned, he deserves to be face down in a pit. I also believe that the media went too far putting this degenerate on a pedestal for all to praise. In the future, I hope to see a South Park episode where Jacko is in hell with the devil, Saddam Hussein and Michael Landon.

The true extent of the media hype surrounding the death of Michael Jackson has been exposed. Fox News reports on air that as the Michael Jackson memorial was starting, tickets were being handed out to bystanders, as embarrassingly empty seats inside the Staples Center signaled reality refusing to conform to media-generated expectations. Many people participated in the lottery on a whim and decided, given the hype over the large size of crowds, to skip it and watch the show on television. Still, the predictions of crowds in the hundreds of thousands, the vast expenditures of public resources on police mobilization, freeway closings, and other appurtenances of great events now look stupid.

The media got themselves all worked up over this twisted little pervert as a way of taking some of the attention off the usurper Obama's idiocy. And if you think that this will end when they finish throwing dirt over Jackson, think again. This is only the beginning. After all, Elvis Presley has been dead for over 30 years, and people are still obsessed with him. Presley's private life wasn't nearly as twisted as Jackson's, what with the "how did he die" and "who is the dad" and "who is the mom" and "who gets all the money" and "who settles the estate" angles. This will go on for a many months to come.

I believe Congressman Peter King said it best. (paraphrasing) "Michael Jackson was a pedophile and a pervert. It is inconceivable that we are giving this person the attention he is getting when there are so many other really important issues, which need our attention."

The obsessive media and online coverage is truly bizarre. I shouldn't be surprised this has turned into a racial anti-white rally by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Al was all over this like flies on fecal material. Sharpton is already pushing for a Michael Jackson postage stamp. I thought Michael always wanted to be white, trying to change his skin color and facial features.

I heard on Fox news that the Jackson family now has a web site to help cover the cost of this high dollar extravaganza if you care to donate. Well I have an idea for the Jackson family. Why bury Jacko? Why not put his body in a museum encased in a glass coffin where people can pay to visit and view his body forever?

This glorification of Michael Jackson is an indicator of how low our society has sunk. It is truly pathetic!

“Multiculturalism inevitably leads to alienation, to the loss of a sense of community responsibility, and eventually to the destruction of the society.” --Dr. William L. Pierce

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