Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thunderbird Farms: Saturday, July 25, 2009. . .Here we go again.

Remember that wannabe thugnut Mestizo from my previous posting? (link below) It seems that he’s still letting his pit bull roam at large. Despite citations, fines and my insistence that he conform to the local laws, he still thumbs his greasy nose at authority.
These are the same type of people that cry, bitch and moan when a motorist hits their dog and doesn't bother to stop. I will be looking forward to the day when I see this dog decorating the road. I'm sure the local vultures will enjoy the convenient nourishment.
Once again, I have contacted the Pinal County Animal Care and Control. I will more than likely be having another interesting week ahead of me. As always, the offender will claim victimhood and I will find myself on the defensive.

Habitual offender. . . . offends again and again and again. . . .

This is yet another prime example where diversity and multiculturalism proves to be harmful to our once great nation. This is happening all around us. When will the rest of you wake up?

My email to Pinal County Animal Care and Control: (edited)

To whom it may concern,

Here we go again! After 16 years, there is no end in sight.

You are already familiar with the pit bull in the above photograph. Her name is "Princess". "Princess" is supposed to be 4 homes west of me. She was about 1/4 mile out of her yard and not under the care and control of her owner. Obviously, if you are getting a photograph in an email from me, this dog is at large and its' owner apparently doesn't care about his pet. As we already know, this dog's owner is a habitual offender. He obviously believes the law does not apply to him. By my definition, he's a criminal scofflaw.

This is the same dog I complained about on or about January 1, 2009. The same "at large" pit bull that deposited a dead animal in the middle of my back yard.

The owner was cited, according to the animal control officer I spoke with. I guess this offending dog owner must be quite wealthy with the ability to pay fines or he would keep his dog at home. Perhaps, this offender thinks all bets are off after six months. I'm sure this offender has not forgotten the last incident, if the dirty looks I get from him every time he drives by my home can be used as a gauge.

I also observed "Princess" at large on Saturday, July 18, 2009, but didn't have my camera in hand. She exited her yard via an open gate and was roaming eastbound on Val Vista Rd. Do you see a pattern here? I see a pattern of bad people behaving badly all the time. Despite multiple visits from your officers, these people are still making my neighborhood potentially unsafe. As before, I still carry my gun to my mailbox and when I perform yard work. I honestly don't think the day will ever come when I will leave my firearm inside.

I'm still seriously thinking about putting those leg hold traps out in my back yard. I'm curious as to how may stray dogs are really in my neighborhood. Although it may sound a bit morbid, I could keep count by putting their heads on sticks along my fence for all to see. Back in the day, bounty was paid for vermin. The kills were proudly put on display so that the entire community would know that something was being done to correct the problem.

It seems that 21st Century law enforcement techniques are not working as well as they should. "Proactive" is the latest buzzword coming down the pike these days and I think it's a joke. The criminals are laughing too. Maybe we should be taking a lesson from the 19th Century.

No sooner than I get one problem "corrected" for the time being (Bonefield), another one comes up (thugnut Mestizo). More should be done to educate Pinal County residents about caring for their pets and respecting their neighbors. The only lesson I teach is, "Back off! Keep your dog out of my yard or I will kill it. Mind your own business and leave me alone." Unfortunately, most of the people that live around me must be learning disabled or something.

I have come to the conclusion that it's hard to force people into becoming "good neighbors". I will gladly settle for "terrified neighbors" and consider myself lucky. Considering, I have what appear to be dope fiends and thieves for neighbors, they deserve to live in fear. I hope they spend every day of their disgusting lives looking over their shoulders.

Harry L. Hughes III
I knew well in advance that this would become an “ongoing problem” because ALL of the other problems went the same way. This is what happens when Mexicans, Hispanics, Mestizos or whatever they call themselves live amongst White People. They almost always follow a predictable path of offensive, criminal or socially destructive conduct. They come from a culture that promotes and honors uncivilized, dishonest or otherwise unacceptable behavior (i.e. Jesus Malverde, a Mexican "patron saint" of crime). They refuse to adapt to the rules and customs of their host nation. Our misguided government wants us to accept them unconditionally with open arms. I say, “They’re all crazy!”
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."
--St. Ambrose, 387 A.D.

Cf. [St. Ambrose, quoted in St. Augustine Letters xxxvi. 32] (Migne), quando hic sum, non ieiuno sabbato; quando Romae sum, ieiuno sabbato, when I am here [i.e. Milan], I do not fast on Saturday; when I am in Rome, I fast on Saturday; [1660 quoted in verse form in Jeremy Taylor, Ductor Dubitantium (1851) I. i. 5. 5] cum fueris Romae, Romano vivito more, cum fueris alibi, vivito sicut ibi, when you're in Rome, then live in Roman fashion; when you're elsewhere, then live as there they live.

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