Monday, July 13, 2009

We’re supposed to feel sorry?

According to the Washington Post, we are all supposed to feel sorry for somebody who unlawfully entered our country. We are supposed to look at his pathetic sorry-looking sad face in the article’s picture and actually relate to him? He’s not a victim! He’s “the enemy”, in my eyes. Sanchez and the rest of his kind are turning the United States into a Third World cesspool like the one they came from.

He put himself in the situation he’s in. This is not HIS country. He does not belong here, nor does he have the right to be here. The way I see it, he turned his back on his own people when he abandoned his country. Sanchez and his compadres lack the initiative and motivation to fix their own country. He’s what I’d call a “quitter“.
Outlaws in the U.S., Strangers at Home

When Sanchez, 36, arrived back in Central America recently, after living a third of his life as an illegal immigrant in suburban Washington, he stepped off the flight from Dulles International Airport into a cultural no man's land. He had been an outlaw migrant in one country; now he was a native-born stranger in the other.

This media propaganda is suppose to send a message to the World that we're a "mean country", a land of immigrants who now want to close the door to others. We're racists, oppressors, ethnocentrists, elitists and a whole host of other "ists". I for one, will never buy into this.

My relatives came here legally. They had “papers”. They arrived here on Halloween in 1906 from Bamfurlong, England (via Liverpool aboard Canard’s Caronia) They entered through the front door at Ellis Island. They didn’t sneak in the back way.

This really happened. . .

Late one night in 1996, Antonio de Antonio lost control of his recently purchased 1980’s model Chevrolet ¾ ton pick-up truck and crashed into the cacti in my front yard. Apparently, he missed a turn or something. According to his criminal history, he was working on his 4th DUI. He was visibly intoxicated when I met him in my driveway. To me, he was a potentially dangerous drunk trespasser who just damaged my property.
He stumbled out of the truck and found himself up to his chest in cactus needles. He was so drunk that he probably didn’t feel a thing. He left the door open, engine running, lights on and that damn Mexican polka music playing full blast.

Although I was holding a rifle, he continued to approach me. I ordered him to stop. He did not. The walking, or should I say staggering, humanoid pin cushion ended up bouncing his head off my rifle butt. He fell down, got back up and ran off. As it turned out, he hid in the neighbor’s home. (The same neighbor I had a previous problem with before their home burned to the ground.) A Pinal County Sheriff’s deputy arrived (the same deputy that arrested me for aggravated assault), took my report of the events that occurred and stood by for three hours waiting for the tow truck to come and seize his vehicle.

He had no business driving drunk in the United States at all. He had been previously deported. He should not have been here damaging my landscaping which I spent much time and hard work creating. Since I risked my life to earn a living, I took it very personally. Before he crashed into my yard, he was out on the road gambling with other people’s lives.

Approximately 12 Americans are killed every day by illegal aliens operating motor vehicles while intoxicated. Americans are safer in Iraq!

Carlos had no stronger link to home than his big brother, Adrian, who went north first. Carlos followed a year later, borrowing about $5,500 to pay the coyotes, the ruthless fixers who hid him in an empty tank truck for hours, sharing a tiny air hole with dozens of panicked migrants.

If this is how these ruthless people treat their fellow countrymen, how do you think they will treat us? With respect and dignity? I think not!

“And in that one fact lies the explanation of why policies which are destructive of everything that we hold dear, policies which are morally abhorrent to us, policies which have brought our whole civilization to the brink of ruin, have been promoted by the mass media and enforced by the government in Washington. In that fact is the reason why so-called "diversity" has become a new government-enforced religion …”
--Dr. William L. Pierce
Photos: February 28, 2009, Illegal immigration protest in Phoenix, AZ

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    Don't let down your guard?

    Some state Governors demand enforcing our immigration laws? But do they believe in rigid enforcement of E-Verify in the workplace?

    If you--GOOGLE--illegal immigration you can research the true costs, the real numbers of those squatting here and the massive consequences? The most damaging is--irreversible OVERPOPULATION. There is a battle commencing in the House and Senate this week, to weaken E-Verify and the startling amendment to fund the original two layer border fence. Sen. Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano will try to table these new amendments or even kill them. Recall Reid nearly obliterated E-Verify, the extraction process that removes illegal immigrants from job placement. THESE NEW AMENDMENTS ARE IN INSTANT JEOPARDY, SO DEMAND RIGID ENFORCEMENT, NO AMNESTY AND NO MORE EXCUSES?

    Go to the websites NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH, CAPSWEB, HERITAGE FOUNDATION & AMERICANPATROL for facts not found in newspapers or even the government. THERE IS GATHERING STORM OF FURIOUS VOTERS from across America. We cannot, must not--STOP-- THE BARRAGE ON THEIR SENATE AND CONGRESS. 202-224-3121 THE US TAXPAYER must remain vigilant, letting these politicians know whose in charge? That their jobs are on the line, like millions of American workers.

    ATTENTION! Because of the massive payments to illegal immigrants in California, their is a petition. Google--TAXPAYER REVOLUTION.

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