Sunday, August 16, 2009

The City of Maricopa. . . . Officer Berry: “The Penis Police”

Maricopa cop fired, accused of showing women his genitalia

She said on a separate occasion he picked her up, spun her around, kissed her, and then laid down on a medicine ball, pointed to his privates and said, "look what you did to me".
Several women at the same gym, Anytime Fitness, said Berry would show them pictures of his penis taken on his personal cell phone.
One married trainer said she saw 10 photos and scrolled through them saying, "wow" and "that was impressive".
She told police she said that because that's what she thought he wanted to hear.She later admits to sleeping with him at his house adding that she was afraid, "I just went along ... he grabbed me".
Another woman told police that Berry showed her a picture of his penis while he was in uniform and on-duty at the scene of a suicide.

This is one sick S. O. B. !!! He was also terminated from a police officer position in Michigan. Apparently, The City of Maricopa doesn’t screen their police applicants very well. I bet they will now. Of course, Berry pulled the race card to explain his “falling out” in Michigan. If that were challenged, cries of racism and threats of legal action would have followed.

When we think blacks want to be judged based on the content of their character, they suddenly pull a fast one and decide they want to be judged by the color of their skin. This always seems to force Whites into a “no-win” situation.

Talk about letting the fox guard the hen house. I sure hope Anytime Fitness revokes his membership. Maybe they should get bombarded with calls. Their number is: 1-520-233-2239

I brought this piece out of the archives because I believe the officer I wrote about might be the former officer Martice Berry, or should I refer to him as, “the penis police“?

TITLE: Entry for May 01, 2008
DATE: 05/01/2008 16:02:34
On May 1, 2008 at approximately 1:04PM, a City of Maricopa Police car unit # 408 was parked in the red zone in front of Fry's Marketplace at 20797 N. John Wayne Parkway facing the opposite direction of traffic. There was no bank robbery, medical emergency, assault, disturbance or combative shoplifter present at this location.

In the check out line behind me was a black City of Maricopa Police officer purchasing a household lamp. He was not purchasing food or anything that might have been considered lunch. Since when does shopping for household accessories and appliances classify as police work? I waited outside and watched this black officer get into unit #408 and drive away. He made a real sloppy left turn southbound on SR 347. Instead of fighting crime and keeping the City of Maricopa safe, this officer was out shopping.

For many years, Negroes have been stereotyped as being dishonest and lazy. The officer in unit #408 is doing an extremely good job living up to that stereotype. It appears that he was too lazy to park his car legally like the rest of the shoppers. Instead of doing his job, it appeared that he was out shopping, using city time and resources including gasoline.

In my opinion, that makes this officer a thief. This officer should be compelled to issue himself a parking ticket and reimburse the city for stealing time that was not his to use as he saw fit. Additionally, he should have to write a letter explaining the justification for his actions and present it to his superiors. It's behavior like this that makes citizens feel that the police have a "WE'RE ABOVE THE LAW" attitude.
City of Maricopa Police Department
Non-Emergency: 520/866-5111
Media Inquiries Sgt. Steve Judd, 520/251-6373 e-mail:

The mission of the city of Maricopa Police Department is to be a leader in providing proactive, progressive law enforcement services to a culturally rich community.

We shall continuously strive to foster a safer environment by maintaining a high state of readiness, cultivating community partnerships, and creating innovative community programs.

We shall strive to accomplish these objectives without prejudice, with the highest of integrity, and with the support of the citizens we serve.

Apparently this officer should learn or re-learn the core values of his own department since he ignored two out of the five. I'm thinking I should go out in the field and record the TNB I observe and narrate my observations like on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

I don't go out in public that often, but I see TNB almost every time. I emailed a copy of this blog to the city manager's office, the Casa Grande Dispatch and to the Maricopa Monitor. I'm stirring up the can of worms again.

Sex offenders, deviates and perverts hiding behind badges are not that uncommon. Their authority and “image” give them easy access. I was in Boy Scouts, the Y.M.C.A. and went through 12 years of school with this pervert:

Former TASD police chief under investigation

Former Tyrone Area School District Chief of Police Mark Frailey is being investigated by Pennsylvania State Police for endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors.

On June 25, the juvenile, her mother and Cpl. Stratton met with Family Services and during that interview, the juvenile advised that she did have sexual intercourse with Frailey on at least three separate occasions, all at his residence.

On August 10, Christopher Gurekovich advised Cpl. Stratton that Frailey appeared at his home on July 22 and told Gurekovich that he had made a mistake and had sex with a juvenile at Colerain State Park in Huntingdon County. Frailey told Gurekovch that he was okay and not to worry because police can only arrest him for corruption of minors because he waited for the juvenile to turn 16.

Frailey moved around from jurisdiction to jurisdiction for a number of years before the legal system and justice finally caught up with him. All of the classic warning signs were there, but they were ignored. Police cover each others backs. They frequently follow an unwritten “code of silence”. This is the only time that police don’t like snitches.

It really made my day when I heard Frailey was assaulted in jail. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I hope he has a nice scar.

Remember, the chicken hawks go where the chickens are!

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