Sunday, September 20, 2009

From the African Sports World. . . .

I do a fair amount of research on the internet. My computer is not a toy or game. It’s a work station. Every once in a while, I come across something that needs further discussion. Kudu Dung Spitting happens to be one of them. The first question I have is, “What would possess somebody to stick a turd in their mouth anyway?” As far as I’m concerned, that has to be an un-natural act. Even more surprising is this sport is popular enough to have a world record holder and regular competitions. Perhaps, this is an African thing, we’re not supposed to understand.

My other questions include, “Is there lots of alcohol consumption prior to this event?” “What do the contestant’s parents think?” “Are they out of their freaking minds?” My final question would be. “Who gets to clean up after the contest?” “Or do they?” Perhaps they should remove their shoes if they have any before going in the house afterwards.

Of course, I’m reminded that Africa is the place where people that can’t afford to huff paint or gasoline fumes, make and inhale jenkem. Jenkem is made by placing feces, sewage and urine in a jar or bottle. The “icky brew” is allowed to ferment in the hot African sun. Once it’s ready, the cap or balloon covering the top is removed and the fumes are inhaled. Apparently, one gets high by doing this. I learned about this “recreational drug” a couple of years ago and I’m still scratching my head as to how they thought this one up in the first place.

Having removed woman’s softball from the Olympic Games, I’m sure the International Olympic Committee won’t be adding the sport of Kudu Dung Spitting to the list of official games anytime soon. I’m reasonably sure that most of us won’t be all that disappointed.

Kudu Dung Spitting, a.k.a. Bokdrol Spoeg:

Kudu dung spitting (Bokdrol Spoeg in Africaans) is a sport in some parts of Africa. In the competition small, hard pellets of dung from the Kudu (a type of antelope) are spat, with the furthest distance reached being the winner.

Kudu dung spitting is popular enough to have an annual world championship competition, with the formal sport beginning in 1994. Unlike many similar sports, the distance is measured from the marker to the place the dung pellet comes to rest, rather than where it initially hit the ground.

The world record in the sport is a distance of 15.56 metres, set in as of 2006 by Shaun van Rensburg.

Youtube coverage of Kudu Dung Spitting:

Todd Beck and Bob Rice visit Ekuthuleni Lodge in Welgevonden Game Reserve near Vaalwater, South Africa, on 30MAY2003.

I hope the contestants get plenty of Listerine to use following the competition. Hell, Listerine should be sponsoring the event! I would also think that it would be unpleasant for news reporters doing post-match interviews. I’m sure some of these guys already had really bad breath prior to spitting feces. Then again, the winner would be sporting a genuine “shit eat’in grin”.

I really hope this sport stays on the continent of Africa. The last thing most of us want to see, is our county’s youth taking up this foul sport. Hopefully, people will stick to watermelon seed spitting, which appears to be the “Americanized version” of this game. At least they won’t have to worry about the turd burglar stopping by.
Photo: I took this photo during Al Sharpton’s visit to Phoenix on June 19, 2009. It was the only image out of many hundreds I’ve taken that had anything remotely African in it. The kid in the Obama shirt didn’t smile once. I was on the other side of the street protesting Al Sharpton, illegal aliens and ACORN. Perhaps that’s why Bertha Lewis doesn’t respond to my emails. Yet, Bertha has the nerve to ask me for help? Talk about pimps and prostitutes!
"I have also eaten human meat. It is very salty. Even more salty than leopard meat.'' --Idi Amin Dada

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