Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Part One: Decay, waste and ruin in Pinal County. . . .It’s all around us.

Our society goes to great lengths to place our successes, feats and accomplishments high on a pedestal for everyone to see and admire. Unfortunately, the failures of Western Civilization are most frequently dumped or abandoned on the World’s trash heap to be forgotten. Some might go as far as saying that these failures are many times concealed. Other signs of failure are all too visible.

Beginning today, that is going to change. As a regular part of my blog, I will be including examples of decay and failure. I will be beginning right here, in and around my own neighborhood. This geographical area will include unincorporated western Pinal County, Hidden Valley, Thunderbird Farms North and South, Papago Buttes and anywhere else I see fit. It’s my intention to show some rural blight, decay and failure with imagery from my camera.

“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.” --Ralph Waldo Emerson

This project was quite simple and required me to make a very short drive. In less than 45 minutes, I was back home downloading my images and posting them here. I found several prime examples of where our civilization and way of life is headed. These photos also demonstrate, despite the existence of county zoning regulations, there are plenty of eyesores out in plain view.

Oddly enough, there are newer and very expensive custom homes right next door to some of the eyesores depicted in my photographs. I believe apathy is the key ingredient to decline and decay.

Based on what I observed out in the field today, I will be able to post photos of my local eyesores on a weekly basis for some time to come. I'm hopeful that some of the right people see these images and the owners of these eyesores will ultimately be tracked down and forced to clean up their messes. 
“Civilization is , alcohol, engines of war, prostitution, machines and machine slaves, low wages, bad food, bad taste, prisons, reformatories, lunatic asylums, divorce, perversion, brutal sports, s, infanticide, cinema, quackery, demagogy, strikes, lockouts, revolutions, putsches, colonization, electric chairs, guillotines, sabotage, floods, famine, disease, gangsters, money barons, horse racing, fashion shows, poodle dogs, chow dogs, Siamese cats, s, pessaries, syphilis, gonorrhea, insanity, neuroses, etc.,”
“The word ‘civilization’ to my mind is coupled with death. When I use the word, I see civilization as a crippling, thwarting thing, a stultifying thing. For me it was always so. I don't believe in the golden ages, you see... civilization is the arteriosclerosis of culture.” --Henry Miller 1891-1980, American Author

During my photographic tour, a few people did notice me with my camera. They initially appeared as "gawkers" (A spectator who stares stupidly without intelligent awareness), but unsuccessfully tried to ignore me once they saw the camera in my hands.

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