Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who and where are my blog readers. . . .and are you supposed to be working?

The number of people that visit my blog isn‘t all that important to me. What concerns me, is how someone associated the Arizona Supreme Court ends up reading my blog. Were they doing their job or were they goofing off on the taxpayer’s dime? I really don’t mind if they stop by. I have absolutely nothing to hide as indicated by my obvious and frequent candidness. To date, I am pleased with how my pages and keyboard activism have managed to change a few things locally. I have recovered property and forced neighbors to act in a more civilized fashion. (At least until their dog gets out again.)

I’m also reasonably sure my words are upsetting to some people too. The truth often hurts. I see little or no point in telling people what they want to hear. We live in a sick, sad and declining world where the media tries to “sugar coat” or even distort the unpleasant realities. This is a “sugar-free” page and I have no problem with being blunt about it. A good swift kick in the ass is what much of this world needs.

Apparently, the letter to the editor I wrote to Tri-Valley Central is bringing more readers than I ever expected. I have written many letters over the last couple of years and this is only the second one that got published.

Out of all of my posts, the 1977 Johnstown Flood piece and my rural blight series appear to be the most popular. My David Irving blog enjoyed a weekend-long spike because a link was published on the Phoenix New Times blog. Historical revisionists always get lots of attention. Most of those readers did not return. I may have to show up at another protest or demonstration and get written up again.

Host Name:
IP Address:
Country: United States
Region: Arizona
City: Phoenix
ISP: State Of Arizona Supreme Court
Returning Visits: 0

Coincidence or not, I recently referred to Phoenix as a “shit-hole” in one of my rural blight posts. It was barely a week later and Governor Jan Brewer was calling Phoenix a “hell-hole” during a speech in Tucson. Who knows, maybe she’s reading my blog too.

One of the things that arouses my curiosity, is how many of my visitors are at work when they arrive on my pages. What are they really supposed to be doing? Their job? I never had a problem with people goofing off at work unless they were working for me.

Back when I worked at ACF General Media Corporation a.k.a. Media Direct, I was actually expected to a competent job with some of the most incompetent people in the world. My employer would hire drunks, dope fiends, peeping Tom’s and the homeless. I had two employees that would piss and shit their pants with some regularity. I had another that never knew what day it was. The most notable employee was a nut job that lived in his car. We called him, “stinky” (for obvious reasons). At one time, he worked as an accountant in Maryland before he blew a gasket somewhere along the way and ended up in Arizona. I threw this little tidbit in for all of you that think your jobs suck.

Employers OK with e-surfing

Prairie, Minn.-based Best Buy Co., said Best Buy's policy allows "reasonable" use of company systems for informal or personal purposes, such as during lunch periods or breaks.
"It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with the policy and of managers to monitor and ensure compliance," said Harris.

And that's just the way it should be, said Jill Frankle, an analyst at Gomez Advisors Inc. in Lincoln, Mass. Although there is plenty of evidence that people are shopping online at work, measuring productivity losses from it is very difficult, she said.

And despite personal use, the Internet and e-mail give employees more flexibility to balance a productive career with their personal lives.

"Companies are empowering their employees with these tools and empowering them to be responsible employees,"
I am not sure whether to believe Best buy or not. If my former employer, Cardinal Glass Industries knew that my stupervisor spent most of his shift looking at the “low rider babes” porn pictures and profiles on the internet, they would have promptly escorted his ass out of the building. They were quite prompt in erasing one’s existence from the company computer once they fell out of favor. They became, “persona non-grata”. The methods used by management reminded me of the Joe Stalin Era. People he didn’t like were “erased” from history.

Despite having several in front of me, management didn’t want me playing around with the computers at all. One of the personalities that was ultimately “erased”, got upset with me because he thought I put pictures of my dog on the desktops. Some of you might be familiar with the stock Labrador Retriever desktop image found on Windows XP Professional. He was one of those that couldn’t pay his own bills, yet, made financial decisions for the company.

Prior to my unexpected retirement, I left a smiley face with bullet hole in forehead on one of the computers. I left a couple of other surprises but I’m not at liberty to share that at this time.
“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” --Joseph Stalin

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