Sunday, October 4, 2009

I’m getting back into the swing of things following my vacation. . . .

After my trip to Nevada, my daily routine is slowly getting back to normal. On my first full day back, I had a windshield replacement appointment at my home. I made this appointment a week in advance. The installer was scheduled to be here between 8:00AM and 12:00PM. I patiently waited all morning.

At 11:47AM, the telephone rang. The installer said that he was going to be late. He mentioned that a bird hit and broke some of his windshields and that he would have to return to Tucson to get more. I spent many years in supervisory and management positions. I have heard many a story about why people didn’t show up for work. Would you believe this one? In any case, he failed to make a four hour window of opportunity.
I believe if one doesn’t have the ability or motivation to make it to work on time, they probably don’t have the motivation to do quality work once they finally arrive. If that installer had not called me before noon, he would have become a no call/no show. That would have caused me to terminate the agreement due to their failure to perform.

While working as a distribution supervisor for ACF General Media Corporation, a Mexican employee decided to not call or show up for work. Upon returning to work some days later, he claimed he was not familiar with the American custom of letting your employer know that you aren’t coming. Obviously, he did not last very long.

Shortly before 4:00PM, the installer finally arrived and replaced my windshield. This unreliable and tardy outfit was actually on an “approved installer” list kept by my insurance company. I would highly suggest that anyone else in need of a new windshield, stay away from this company.

Arizona Insurance Auto Glass
7971 W. Hawk Eagle Court
Tucson, AZ 85757

Ph. 520-777-8499 Fed ID# 900349293

I rated them at

I posted their one and only review. It was negative. They got what they deserved.
And at Yahoo Local . . .

My letter to Arizona Insurance Auto Glass:
To whom it may concern,

I was not al all impressed with the service you provided on Friday, October 2, 2009. I decided to leave an everlasting reminder of the quality of your service online for other potential customers to find.

I also decided to put my remarks on my blog at:
Your “agent” Brock Lewis apparently thought taking care of personal business was more important than doing his job. He was the first person I contacted and his attitude failed to impress me. In fact, his wife answered the phone. He could have cared less about my issue.

The one thing I cannot stand is being late. I especially don’t want to hear excuses. I expect results. Your outfit miserably failed on Friday. I could have replaced my windshield in Phoenix faster. Your people could not make a four hour window of opportunity.


Harry L. Hughes III

Note: I enclosed copies of my reviews with my letter in case they don’t have the internet down there. They did not have a website. Perhaps, they should come out of the Stone Age and start doing business like it was the 21st century.

While I was waiting. . .

My corner of the world was quite busy Friday morning. While I was waiting for my windshield installer to arrive, a large truck dropped off a dragline in front of my home. Any activity in front of my place generates curiosity. Half of the neighborhood showed up to watch. The farm across my street periodically cleans the muck out of the irrigation ditches. This process takes close to a week and generates lots of noise. On the up side, the mosquito problem will be eliminated.

In the years prior to the West Nile Virus fatalities, hysteria and paranoia, the mosquitoes were so bad that one had to wear long sleeves well before dusk. It was this problem that caused my first contact with the Pinal County Board of Supervisors. It would not be the last. It might have been the mosquitoes that caused my “activism gene” to kick in.

I was originally told that this was not a big issue and that these were only “nuisance mosquitoes”. I wasn’t buying this at all. I took the hard classes at “mad scientist” school and knew that these insects were some of the most efficient disease carriers in the world. Can anyone say MALARIA? Much has changed since 1996. Americans have actually died from diseases carried by mosquitoes. This was believed to only happen in Third World countries. I saw this problem well in advance. Remember, public safety is brought to you by the lowest bidder on the contract. And, when was the last time you really got what you paid for?

After much cage rattling, Jimmie Kerr came out to pay me a visit. He showed up as the sun was setting and he got to see my mosquitoes. Ultimately, the standing water in the ditch was sprayed and the mosquito larvae died. Jimmie Kerr now has a street bearing his name in Casa Grande.

That ditch across my street also caused flooding problems. When it rained or when they were irrigating the fields, breaches would occur. Water would pour out for hours or even days before somebody from the farm would show up to fix it. Ultimately, improvements such as deepening were made and there hasn’t been flooding for years. I still carry flood insurance.

Flooding is one natural disaster you cannot move away from. All 50 states have floods. Everybody should have a plan for such an event. Don’t be like those idiots in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Be prepared!
"So, with the race problem. The different families of man must yield to law -- to LAW, inexorable, blind, unreasoning law, which has no knowledge of good or ill, right or wrong." ~ Jack London, letter dated 23 June 1899.

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