Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rural Blight . . . Next: 51259 W. Julie Lane, Maricopa, AZ 85139

During the last few weeks, I’ve taken much time to survey the conditions that exist in my neighborhood. I think blight is an understatement. After much thought and consideration, I decided to target/nominate this property for clean up. Since the owner can afford a camper, he/she/they can afford to clean up their mess. Just like second homes, campers are luxury items, especially during a recession. Campers are well know for housing illegal aliens in my neighborhood. The more of these places that are eliminated, the safer Thunderbird Farms will be.

This “Mike” guy who was once proud enough to put his name out front has only one possible excuse for allowing this to happen. The only excuse I could possibly accept is that Mike is dead and underground.

In any case, the current owner should be compelled to step up and do something about this mess. It’s not going to go away by itself. Pretending it isn’t there isn’t going to work either.

In a way, I’m helping to stimulate the economy by making rural blight in my neighborhood public. My previous project required people and equipment to clean up the debris and remove the home. The person that operated the front end loader may very well have been out of work before getting that job. Hopefully, I will be able to create a few more jobs in the coming weeks and months.

In examining the photographs, I couldn’t help that notice a large quantity of dead and dried up plant material in close proximity to the home. The 2009 monsoon season yielded very little rain and condition are really dry. This vacant residence is what I would call an extreme fire hazard. One spark on a windy day and the entire block could go up in flames.

Being a rural area, we have a less than adequate fire department. Water is also an issue. More often than not, the fire department has only the water they carry to the fire. Not that it would matter all that much because the fire is usually almost done by the time first responders arrive. I recall my former neighbors place burned to the ground before I knew it was on fire. Out here, the burn duration is often less than the response time.

Report a complaint:
Code Compliance
31 N Pinal Street
Building F
Florence, AZ 85132Telephone: 520-866-6980
Like before, I submitted a complaint to Code Compliance regarding 51259 W. Julie Lane. I’m hopeful that I will see results as quickly as before. The online form made it very easy to submit a complaint. I included a link to my blog so they could view my photographs.
Trash & Debris refers to collections of trash and junk on the property, NOT trash or bulky waste set out for collection. Old junk, garbage, tires, rubbish, furniture, appliances, car parts or anything else stored outside can be dangerous and hazardous.

I will make regular trips to this location and keep everybody posted as to the progress of this situation.

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