Monday, November 9, 2009

All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight . . . .

On Saturday November 7, 2009, I held my first and probably only party. Close to 100 guests from all over the country and as far away as the United Kingdom attended. These festivities were the icing on the cake following a successful anti-illegal immigration rally at the State Capitol in Phoenix. This rally was called the America First Rally. Americans need to stand up and be heard.

Neo-Nazis march on Arizona Capitol

PHOENIX (AP) — Members of a neo-Nazi group marched and protested Saturday afternoon at the Arizona State Capitol over illegal immigration.
National Socialist Movement member Steven Boswell called the gathering "an American first rally" and a demand that politicians put Americans first.
About 100 people, some dressed in black and wearing arm patches, marched down Washington Street toward the Capitol near downtown Phoenix.

We prefer NOT to be called “Neo-Nazi”. That term is a buzz word the media likes to use. I like to think of it as, “the other n-word”. Japan is a country run by National Socialists, but we don’t call them fascists, neo-Nazis, or anything of the sort. Why do you think that is? This label is applied only to White People. I guess that could be considered racist.

Prior to my party, I anticipated security issues including crowd control. The safety of my guests was my primary concern. Guards were posted at my gate and my property was regularly patrolled day and night. With a group this large, law enforcement involvement is inevitable, perhaps even necessary. I contacted the Pinal County Sheriff’s office and gave them a “heads up” on what was to take place. Extra units were made available. After receiving noise complaints, we turned the volume down. The band shut down a little after 10:00PM and we enjoyed food and drink. A chef prepared an excellent meal. Everyone had a great time.

My guests were encouraged to bring tents so they wouldn’t have to run the risk of driving drunk or even encountering drunk drivers on their way home. There was another party a half mile north of me that didn’t seem to finish up until sometime after 2:00AM. That might explain the additional noise complaints made after our first contact with sheriff’s deputies.

I would like to thank the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and all of their deputies for their cooperation, patience and understanding. They were courteous to us as we were to them.

To be honest, I wasn’t really too concerned about disturbing my neighbors. Perhaps, if my neighbors had been more considerate and neighborly towards me in the past, I might have not had this party at all. If any of my neighbors are reading this blog, You know who you are and what you did. And if you need a hint: dogs at large, persistent barking dogs, masturbation outside my fence, using power tools in the middle of the night, loud music and I could go on and on and on. What goes around, comes around. It was nice to see the shoe on the other foot for once.

The star of the show was the band. “Enforcer” came all the way from Iowa to perform. The few neighbors that did attend my “free concert”, really enjoyed themselves.

Another view of Saturdays Ugly Neo-Nazi event

This is one of the most ugliest displays of hatred and un-American sentiment I've ever witnessed.

You can see me “Forrest Gump” my way into the video at 1:35.

The ugliest thing at this rally was . . . At the very beginning of the rally, the “anti-fascists” counter demonstrators shouted obscenities and yelled while the National Anthem was sung by the NSM. These masked and black clad people totally disrespected the U.S.A. They had no honor. When the National Anthem is sung and I don't care who sings it, EVERYBODY is supposed to shut up, take off their hats (and masks) and stand until the song is finished. America First!!!

It’s my opinion that only degenerate anti-American Communists would show so much disrespect during the singing of our country’s song. What would happen if somebody pulled something like that at an NFL game, political convention or a NASCAR event? I’m certain lots of people would be offended and rightfully so. Well, It’s obvious that I’m offended.

In planning this event, I took the local economy and recession into consideration. In an effort to support local businesses, I used local waste disposal and porta-john rental services. Most of the supplies and beverages were also purchased locally.

The Anarchists Own the Nazis, and the Nazis Cause a Car Wreck as They Amscray

Following the demo, the police and the anarchists escorted the Nazis east, and on to the spot where they'd parked their cars. The Nazis wouldn't tell me where their swastika-burning after-party was going to be, though I heard later that it was taking place somewhere in Maricopa city, perhaps at the home of neo-Nazi Harry Hughes. I was not able to confirm this, but I was able to confirm J.T.'s personalized license plate: "NSM USA." That's odd, as he continues to deny he's a member of NSM.
We did NOT light a swastika. We did not worship Satan, dismember animals, accept Nazi demons or sacrifice a virgin. Apparently, the Phoenix New Times has an unreliable informant or they simply made it up. Throughout the night, I had this mental picture of the Feathered Bastard, Steve Lemons aimlessly tooling around out in the boonies with a van full of ‘dirties” looking for a burning Swastika. Once again, we saw a prime example of “yellow journalism”.

For the record, I’m not an NSM member. I will stand with them against illegal immigration and all other things that plague our nation just the same. There’s an easy way to tell a member from a non-member, but I will not disclose that here because that would spoil the fun of reading the media’s distorted conclusions as to who is and who is not. It appears that these hacks enjoy creating journalistic hype out of their twisted fantasies. I’m afraid, you’ve all been had! Don't believe the liberal bloggers. Don't depend on the liberal "fish wraps" for your news.

“Judaism is a conspiracy against all races.” --Tom Metzger

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  1. 09110xxxx Disorderly Conduct DISORDERLY CONDUCT
    Incident Address :
    Time Reported: 21:46
    Time Occurred between: 21:45:41 11/07/09 – 21:45:41 11/07/09

    It appears that my neighborhood has returned to normal. Below is the only record of a noise comlaint with the Pinal County Sheriff's office. The "RP" apparently doesn't know north from south. This only confirms that witnesses are highly unreliable. This also explains the Mexican asking for directions back to Mexico encounter last September.