Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009 . . . . Election Day!

I departed my home at 6:30AM to make my regular appearance at the local polling place. Precinct 54 is located at the Thunderbird Farms Improvement District office. I have not missed a vote in nearly 17 years. The only item on the ballot was a budget override for the Maricopa Unified School District. I planned on voting “NO” and I did. A “YES” vote would have raised my already overburdening property taxes.
I think of the recession as a giant shit sandwich in which everyone has to take a bite. We cannot continue spending money we do not have. We must make unpopular decisions and cut spending.

After leaving the polls with my “I voted” sticker, I drove to Casa Grande for a dental appointment. Despite the federal government telling us that there is no inflation this year, my visit to the dentist cost me $10.00 more than my originally quoted price. It seems, the rates for services have gone up.

Afterwards, I stopped at a Laundromat to do a single load of clothes. There were more washers than dryers. I got the last empty dryer. Before I managed to get the door closed, a grotesque looking female piece of Mexcrement walked up to me and said that was her machine. I said, "If it's YOUR" machine, why isn't it at your house?" Do you own this establishment? The machine was empty and I got there first. Perhaps she should go back to Mexico and pound her clothes on a rock along the sewage ditch in her village. Why did she feel that she was entitled to that dryer? The greasy looking pig noticed my 9mm strapped to my thigh and she walked away without saying another word. I shouldn't have to "strong-arm" a freaking dryer in a public Laundromat. I will if I have to. No wonder I dislike Mexicans. D-E-P-O-R-T, get them all out my country!

Over the years, I’ve saved quite a bit of money by not buying a washer and dryer. The cost of the electricity plus the machines really add up over time. Through my Employment at Freedom Marketing Corporation, I acquired a lifetime supply of laundry detergent back in 1993. That saves me even more.

I also find coin-operated businesses such as the Laundromat to be entertaining. An assortment of vagrants, toothless speed freaks, crack heads, alcoholics and thugnuts tend to gather at such places. They lurk around and bother customers by asking them for “spare change”. I always enjoy refusing their requests. I have even more fun chewing them out for stinking up my air.

My clothes were finished in just under an hour. I packed up my stuff and headed home. I pulled back in my driveway at 10:45AM. I might make a trip to Casa Grande once a month. Without exception, I always encounter disgusting people I don’t like.
And in that one fact lies the explanation of why policies which are destructive of everything that we hold dear, policies which are morally abhorrent to us, policies which have brought our whole civilization to the brink of ruin, have been promoted by the mass media and enforced by the government in Washington. In that fact is the reason why so-called "diversity" has become a new government-enforced religion ... --Dr. William L. Pierce

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  1. Maricopa Unified School District No. 20
    Number of Precincts: 7
    Precincts Reporting: 7 100.0 %
    Total Votes 1894
    BUDGET INCREASE, YES 444 23.44%
    BUDGET INCREASE, NO 1450 76.56%

    This is great news!!!