Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Summary: Last weekend’s “tea party”. . . .

I’m not sure what was more amusing, J.T. knocking that ruffian on his ass or the comments from all of the “keyboard commandos” and “lawn chair philosophers” who would be too afraid to ever show their faces in public, let alone in front of a TV camera knowing they WILL be criticized for doing so.

Neo-Nazis Unfurl Hitler Flag at Tea Party Rally

People have actually told me, “We don’t want to go with you. We might get in trouble.” Others have said, “If my employer finds out, I’ll lose my job.” I always hear excuses. When somebody finally does something, all they(the spectators) can do is bitch and moan (while hiding behind their computers). Without sacrifice, we will get nowhere.

The Phoenix Metro area has a population in the millions. Where was everybody else? I regularly attend meetings/events for various WN groups. Rarely, do I see more than five or six people take the time and effort to attend. We might get 20 if there is beer.

Having been to numerous tea parties (A place many of my critics have never been.), I’ve seen many images of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and even “Hitlerized” Obamas. The Confederate flag I was holding was found “for sale” at a previous tea party. There was nothing new or unique about what we did. “Mom” and “Pop” did it on 912 in Washington D.C.

Regardless of what we did, we came out looking better than the “nativists” in the eyes of the media. Imagine that! “Quite civil by comparison to the nativists“, “Unlike the neo-Nazis, they are hypocrites.”

As I stated before, we went there solely to listen to the speakers and nothing else. We were there for the purpose of gathering information. When you are pushed, you push back harder! Walking away would have been completely unacceptable and dishonorable.

William Gheen said. . .

Yes, if you are a David Duke or Stormfront supporter, DO NOT SEND us your money. We don't want it. We have asked several times for you to stay our of our affairs and we are done asking. I don't care about what the communist liars at the ADL and SPLC have to say about me or ALIPAC anymore. I oppose them for what they are doing to further exacerbate illegal immigration in America. Now we are going to oppose Duke and Stormfront for your efforts to help illegal immigration by trying to force your way into our functions. When your Neo Nazi supporter pushed down one of our veterans and Sr. citizens at our Tea Party Against Amnesty in Phoenix, you just cross the line. Go throw your own events and stop trying to force yourself upon people that want no association with you or face the piper for your own actions.
Communists and Nazis are not welcome at our events, don't post our events, don't support our events, don't support us, don't support me, get lost, take the hint!
William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Not Welcome? That means they are not on OUR side.

The turnip truck and Weight Watchers comments should have been left in the third grade. I’m 46 year old, 5’9” and weigh 190 lbs. Prior to retiring, I worked in a factory where most of the twenty-somethings couldn’t keep up with me. I’m sure many of you can type faster than me. And yes, J.T.’s big. He’s also very good at throwing his weight around. On October 24, 2009, he beat down a Brown Beret who jumped a barricade in Riverside, CA. Last spring, we faced hundreds of illegal aliens out in the street. Imagine being outnumbered 500+ to 1. Again, where was everybody else?

The last thing in the world one should ever do, is show up to an non-WN event wearing a uniform and NS/WP logos/insignia. Especially, if there are only two of you. Our “casual attire” was an attempt to blend in with the tea party crowd. The wrong people recognized our faces from the evening news and Youtube. We weren’t aware that there would be a bunch of pseudo-bikers and one Jew in a scooter chair present.
As I stated before, this was not a real tea party. Those brainwashed people(sheeple) will be of no use to us. The majority of the tea party crowd is pro-Israel. We need to focus on those 1%’ers out there.

For the poster(s) that didn’t read everything, there was NO SWASTIKA!

If you look in the events section, there’s a Stormfront BBQ in Tucson on Saturday. The thread has been there for quite some time and not one person commented or showed interest. I’m sure many will say, “I couldn’t make it because, that was too far to travel.” or “I was too busy.” More excuses!
You only take flak when you're over enemy territory!

The Phoenix New Times. . . .

“Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR. That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse.” --Mark Twain.

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  1. For a group of "non-racist" tea party goers, there was certainly a lot of trash talk towards Mexicans.