Monday, December 28, 2009

Public trust in the media is a joke! Update: My intellectual property rights. . . .

In regards to MY famous photo, I provided the Phoenix New Times with notice well in advance of the December 8, 2009 infringement on my copyright. I wrote the New Times editor, Peter Storch and advised him of the situation. Apparently, the New Times doesn’t care about the rights of “the little guy”. The media seeks to exploit people regardless of their station(s) in society.

Four days after writing Peter Storch, I registered my photograph(s) with the U.S. Copyright Office. I was not kidding. I’m quite serious about protecting and defending all of my rights as a U. S. Citizen.

Allowing someone to step on just one of your rights, invites them to step on and violate ALL of your rights.

The Phoenix New Times had ample advance notice:

Monday, September 14, 2009
Mr. Storch,
A photograph that belongs to me was printed in the New Times on two separate occasions. It was also used online. In all cases it was published without my permission. I didn't even receive credit for it.

If I'm not mistaken, over 200,000 copies were distributed between the two printings.
This photograph was also used in an "out of context" manner that was very damaging to a local political figure. That particular official is also being notified of this problem. Breaking the law is breaking the law.

Issues in question:

May 7-13, 2009 on the top of page 10
May 14-20, 2009 on the top of page 15

The original image is on the SD card in my camera, it's also on my blog and website. The word "COPYRIGHT" appears on the bottom of my web page. I'm under the impression that those words mean nothing to the New Times.

I became disabled a couple of years ago and was attempting to re-hatch myself as a photographer. If stealing is part of the job description of a “photo-journalist“, I would rather stay poor on disability and food stamps.

I have made copies of this letter for the purpose of making sure the truth is told.
Harry L. Hughes III

Note: As it should happen, I never heard from Peter Storch. I am not at all surprised that he decided to completely ignore me. If he thought I was just going to fade away, he was dead wrong.

The “media bosses” vs. “the little guy”:

The media bosses are very much aware that going to Federal Court requires “big” lawyers and “big” money. This is something “the little guy” normally cannot afford. This inequality in justice(injustice) makes it easy for the media bosses to step on “the little guy”. As far as I’m concerned, the law does little or nothing to curb the theft of intellectual property. Hell, our judicial system can’t even keep cop killers and child rapists off the street!

New Times Honored for Ethics in Journalism

Monday, May. 12 2008 @ 12:43PM

New Times founder and executive editor Michael Lacey accepts the Payne Award.
New Times was presented the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism at ceremonies at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

The award goes to journalists who “encourage public trust in the media by courageously practicing the highest standards of the profession in the face of political or economic pressures.”

The highest standards of professionalism? Public trust in the media? One doesn’t EARN trust by stepping all over one’s copyright. I guess the political and economic pressure finally got to their heads sometime during the last 18 months.

Not only was my photograph used without my permission, it was also incorrectly captioned. "National Socialist Movement member Thomas Coletto with Sheriff Joe Arpaio." Thomas Coletto was NOT an NSM member at the time the picture was taken. In fact, he was never a member. Wearing black BDU’s(Battle Dress Uniform) doesn’t automatically make the Caucasian wearer an NSM member. Many police officers happen to wear black BDU's. Are they all NSM members too?

In today’s world, journalistic talent and ability appears to have been replaced with "right click" and “save picture as. . .” technology.
I will post more updates as this story progresses. As of Monday afternoon, I have not heard a word from the New Times or Michael Lacey. If I were them, I'd be asking my lawyer what to do.
"Corruption, lying, and hypocrisy are the fundaments of public life in America. The way to the top is not through personal integrity and patriotism and the ability to serve effectively; it is through a candidate's skill in charming voters and in lying without getting caught." --Dr. William L. Pierce

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