Friday, January 15, 2010

01/15/2010 Vekol Valley: Today’s illegal alien patrol

The Haley Hills and Vekol Valley area has been rather quiet for some time. I have been conducting semi-weekly patrols for the last several months. During that time I have seen only a couple of suspicious vehicles and a just two abandoned lay up areas.

While on today’s patrol, I discovered another abandoned lay up area. It was located near a raised earthen levy that was designed to divert rain water for cattle. Cattle are no longer grazing in the Vekol Valley, but the heavily treed strips of land remain. They offer excellent cover and protection from the elements.

This particular lay up area was like most of the others. Trash was scattered about. A back pack, blankets and food containers made up the bulk of the trash. It appeared that somebody had trouble keeping air in their bicycle tires from the looks of all the inner tubes that were left behind. Arizona vegetation, most having thorns or spines, are very hard on tires. I guess they learned that the hard way.

Over the decades, millions of Mexicans have deposited millions of tons of litter all over the Arizona desert. They destroy everything they touch.

The reason I determined that this area was abandoned for some time was a full baby food jar with a 2005 expiration date. The label happened to be in Spanish. Much can be learned from one’s trash.

On Haiti: There are estimated to be 36 million White People in the United States living below the poverty level. And people want to send their money to an all black nation? A nation whose inhabitants would rather kill us than give us the time of day. I'd rather eat glass than make a donation. P.S. I'm a big fan of Plate Tectonics!

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