Thursday, January 28, 2010

Illegal Alien Patrol: Sonoran Desert National Monument

I spent the entire day out on patrol. The weather was cool, breezy and gray. It did not rain. After making a few trips, I discovered that the Vekol Valley south of I-8 is far more interesting than the area north of the interstate.
The Sonoran Desert National Monument
The Sonoran Desert National Monument contains more than 487,000 acres of Sonoran Desert landscape. The Sonoran Desert is the most biologically diverse of the North American deserts, and the monument exemplifies this desert setting.

For the second time in less than a week, I spotted the same truck parked in the same place just east of route #8007. There was a male subject sitting in the cab. It appears that he stays there all day and just sits or lays in his truck. He may be a lookout for smugglers or he may be living there or who knows what.

He reminded me of a guy I came across on another occasion. I caught him off guard because he was too busy huffing paint fumes instead of paying attention to me. He got spooked and quickly drove off with some sort of “apparatus” still hanging from his face.

We made our way south(up hill) towards the abandoned ranch and corrals. The road became soft with mud. Last weeks rains and recent traffic created some deep ruts. I had no problem getting through.

More often than not, the other motorists I encounter out here will turn and flee the area when they see me approach. Obviously, they must be doing something wrong when they do that. Today was a little different. A nice white couple was approaching from the other direction and to my surprise, stopped and said hello. They also asked about the road conditions.

A strong military presence was observed in the Vekol Valley. I spotted multiple f-16’s, a low flying A-10 Thunderbolt and a Cobra helicopter early in the afternoon. Although it didn’t happen today, aircraft sometimes go out of their way to “buzz” people on the ground.

Perhaps, the most unusual encounter today, was a small patch of ground off route 8007C where somebody artistically arranged rocks into “Native American style” animal and human forms. They appeared to have been there for some time and was surprised that they were for the most part undisturbed. A group of people commonly know as “New Agers” have a thing for arranging rocks on public lands in Arizona. It’s unknown who created these figures.

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