Monday, March 15, 2010

F.O.R. Food Bank, Maricopa, AZ: Meet Jorge Alvarez. . . .

Every once in a while I come across somebody I really dislike. Jorge, pronounced “or hay“, Alvarez is certainly one of those individuals. I thought it appropriate that I inform my readers as to what happens every Monday morning at the F.O.R. Food Bank in Maricopa, AZ. Beware, the truth can be very ugly.

In the 25 years I’ve lived in Arizona, I have yet to meet an honest, trustworthy or respectable Mexican. From what I have personally observed, those often dismissed stereotypes of them being fat lazy thieves are actually true. Jorge is what I would classify as a “typical Mexican“. As far as I’m concerned, they are nothing but lowlife greedy parasites that prey upon everyone around them.

His physical appearance, which I find repulsive and disgusting, matches his personality perfectly.

Although, only one food box per household is the policy, Jorge cheats the system because he is dishonest. He brings his wife who uses a different last name. This is very common. Many Mexican families double, triple and even quadruple dip at the F.O.R. Food Bank. This is made possible because they all have different last names. Talk about dysfunctional families.

On one occasion some months ago, F.O.R. volunteers were passing out towels, wash rags and dish cloths. A petite woman was given one. She accidentally dropped it and Jorge selfishly swooped in and grabbed it. This animalistic act reminded me of those news videos from Haiti and Somalia where the men would violently grab food and water from women and children. I really wanted to put my boot to this disgusting pile of fecal material‘s head, but didn’t want to scuff my shine with his face. He definitely had it coming.

In recent weeks, F.O. R. volunteers have been putting out dented and damaged canned goods. Instead of sharing, Jorge selfishly and rudely pushed is way in and tried to grab every single can. He didn’t even know what he was grabbing. The selfish s.o.b. wanted them all.

Last week, he grabbed at least 30 cans, put them in a dog food bag and carted them off to his truck. I hope all of those cans of corn and carrots give him the shits. In all probability, he won’t consume any of them. He’ll probably sell or trade them for beer or some other libation or vice.

Respect is something you must earn. Obviously, Jorge could care less about having an ounce of respect for himself or anybody else for that matter. There are many Mexicans that come to the F.O.R. food bank that are just like Jorge. It’s unfortunate that these disgusting individuals taint the positive work the F.O.R. volunteers perform.

Nobody can tell me that these “Mexcrements” are nice people just like us. What I see are savage animals. If you don’t believe me, come and see for yourself.

"A racist is a man who believes in history, genetics, and his eyes!" -- Tom Anderson, Article: "Tom Anderson's Straight Talk on Equality and Race," The Citizen, Jackson, Miss., June 1970.

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