Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco De Mayo: “Report An Illegal Day”

I can honestly say that we have way too many holidays in this country. Sadly, most of these celebrations have been hijacked and diluted by commercialism. Holidays are simply excuses not to go to work, stay home, buy silly greeting cards, party or get drunk. The United States could save billions of dollars by having less holidays, paid and unpaid. Holidays reduce productivity. Paid holidays cost billions of taxpayer dollars. Paying millions of people not to work is not economically sound in a capitalist system.

Cinco De Mayo is one of those unpaid holidays that revolves around partying and drinking. It’s primarily celebrated by the Hispanic Community. I for one would have nothing to do with this holiday. My attitude changed a little after the passage of Arizona’s immigration bill, SB 1070. May 5th all of a sudden has different twist thanks to a white civil rights group.

Group behind plan for ‘Report an Illegal Day’ speaks out

PHOENIX -- The National Socialist Movement, which is considered by many to be a neo-Nazi hate group, is passing out fliers for an event to coincide with Cinco de Mayo.

"The proper, respectful term would be a National Socialist, we are American patriots," said National Socialist Movement spokesman J.T. Ready. "This is the premier white civil rights organization in the world."

According to a flier received by ABC15, National socialist Movement is calling May 5th "Report An Illegal Day".

Watch the videos:


Read the flyer. . .


From J. T. Ready. . .

Before casting stones at the NSM, research what we really stand for on our free website. www.nsm88.org Go straight to the source. Don't get second hand sound bites from dirty bums off of Mill Ave. Please read our 25 Points. If you agree or disagree, at least you can do so in an intelligent manner rather than pre-judging based upon hatred and ignorance. Before tearing up the flyer, read it. If you agree or disagree, at least you did not do so as a blind and racist bigot. This is a serious issue. We have serious solutions. See what we are really up against. YouTube: 'Aztlan Rising'. And do not even take the NSM's word on the enemy of America. Go straight to the source yourself. Please visit www.Aztlan.net And if you still don't like our ideals and plan of action concerning massive illegal immigration, it is quite easy to make us go away. Just secure the border. Until then, we will make our resolute stand against this invasion of our homeland. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration of the issues.

In Conclusion. . .

I’m hopeful the day will come when American citizens will be offered cash rewards for turning in illegal aliens. When it comes to rounding up criminals or removing vermin, bounty has worked very well in the past. Put a price on their heads and it won’t be long before they are all gone. Hector will even turn in his cousin Jorge for a buck or two. We will even see Mexican turn against Mexican.

The number of illegal aliens in this nation is at least twice what the government will admit. How do we know this? In the first amnesty 3 times the official count applied and received for amnesty and we were told “Just this once”. The same tactic has been used in Europe 4 times now. No matter what the government promises we must not be fooled by their lies.

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