Monday, May 17, 2010

City of Maricopa Tea Party, Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have returned from a successful expedition to the City of Maricopa Tea Party. Although only around half of the 500 expected tax protesters/politically right leaning citizens showed up, There was still a good line up of speakers including J.D. Hayworth and Sheriff Paul Babeu. Topics, such as opposition to prop 100(sales tax increase), illegal immigration and "business as usual" politics in Washington D.C. were discussed. The event was hosted by the Maricopa Republicans Club.

Our primary mission was to observe the attendees, talk to representatives and hear what the speakers had to say on the issues, especially the recent signing of SB 1070 by Governor Jan Brewer. Sheriff Paul Babeu discussed criminal profiling, illegal immigration and SB 1070. He also was critical of the Border Patrol's "catch and release" program.

Hayworth, other state and county figures set for Maricopa tea party

After noting the successful crowd turnouts at tea parties that were held in the Phoenix area, the board members of the Maricopa Republican Club asked themselves why they shouldn’t try to organize a tea party in Pinal County. It sounded like a good idea, especially since so many of their club’s 80-plus members had driven up to the Valley to participate in those events.

The idea for a local tea party was floated among the membership, and the response was so positive that Maricopa Republican Club chair Brenda Hermanson and the other board members decided to set a date and site for Pinal County’s first full-fledged tea party. Consequently, the Maricopa Tea Party is scheduled to take place from 4 to 7 p.m. on Sunday at Pacana Park.

Former radio talk show host and Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth had much to say about John McCain and his "Six Year Switch". He will be running against John McCain in the upcoming primary. Being an election year, several other local political candidates were present and distributing their pamphlets, stickers and signs. As expected, the entire crowd was White.

“That's the way democracy works; it's a system which encourages hypocrisy and lying, which virtually guarantees it, whether Jews are involved or not. And when Jews are involved, when Jews control the process, then we get what we have in America today: open borders and a continuing flood of non-Whites into America, darkening our cities, darkening our schools, raping our women, killing our men, degrading our culture, destroying our civilization, with no elected official willing to stand up and speak out against it.” --Dr. William L. Pierce

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