Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My “illegal alien” patrols are finally getting some attention. . . .

After making hundreds of trips out into the deserts of Pinal, Pima and Maricopa Counties, the local media has finally taken notice. I can thank Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons for this. Oddly, my Facebook friends were the catalyst. Mr. Lemons couldn’t say this better, “This whole trend of "outing" people on Facebook for their "friends" can get pretty silly.” To be honest, social networking sites are really overrated. Most of the people on my Facebook page are people I actually know. While there are a few that I don’t know, have never met and probably never will meet.

Again, I would like to point out that I do not call myself a “Neo-Nazi” This is a “buzzword” the media and political opponents like to use to demonize those they do not like. I often refer to it as the “other n-word”. As we all know, the term “Nazi” brings extremely negative mental pictures into the minds of most people. As of late, Barack Obama, many Republicans, Nancy Pelosi and even tea party people have all been called Nazis. Hell! Who isn’t a Nazi these days? Look around! The police state is already here.

I would probably find more illegal aliens if I stayed in my own neighborhood. Take a look at last weekend’s sheriff’s log and see why I think that way. (UDA is undocumented alien)

William Gheen's Facebook "Friend," Neo-Nazi Harry Hughes, and Hughes' "Patrols" for Illegals

However, as Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman first noted online, Gheen has a neo-Nazi on his extensive "friends" list as well: Harry Hughes. Hughes, a resident of Maricopa, Arizona, doesn't announce his National Socialism on his Facebook page, as far as I can tell, but he's a frequent attendee of neo-Nazi demonstrations and has never hidden this fact.

Of his political views on Facebook, Hughes simply states, "You probably won't like them."

Oddly, Hughes, despite his unsavory political beliefs, is generally a civil guy, perhaps the friendliest neo-Nazi in the Valley. In covering nativist demonstrations in Phoenix, I've run into him several times.

I really thought William Gheen would "unfriend" me after that Nov. 14, 2009, shoving match at a Phoenix tea party. He was really steamed. If I remember correctly, he wrote something about “going too far”. For the record, the friend request came from Gheen. It’s rare that I ask to be someone’s friend, especially if I don’t know them. I for one, would never let media scrutiny dictate as to who should or shouldn’t be one of my Facebook friends. Get a backbone people! Don’t cave in to the media! Pick your own friends.

I don’t hide any of my Facebook information. It’s all out there for all to see. I would like to think there is more transparency on my Facebook page than the entire Obama administration.

Mental pictures are what the puppet masters that control the media love to exploit. The recent passage of SB 1070 proves this beyond a doubt. A few people started generating fear that this new law “would lead to racial profiling”. The law specifically forbids racial profiling. To add fuel to the fire, political “big shots” condemned this law and Arizona. Businesses and local governments launched boycotts against Arizona. We soon learned that these political leaders never bothered to read SB 1070 before ripping it a new asshole via the mass media.

Ignorance of the unknown leads people to say and do irrational things. The media and the government purposely try to keep the masses stupid because stupid people are easier to control(and tax). Many people are convinced that followers of National Socialist doctrine will open up concentration camps and fire up the cremation ovens, given an opportunity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We do not want to turn back the clock and recreate 1930’s Germany as this is impossible.

The Republican vs. Democrat two party system is failing us miserably. Why stick to it? America has spent more than two centuries voting itself into this mess. Do you honestly think we can vote ourselves out if it? Before knocking National Socialism, read the 25 points of National Socialism first. I know 25 is a big number for some people, but it’s much shorter that the healthcare bill Congress didn’t bother to read before voting to pass it. http://www.nsm88.org/25points/25points.html

What amazes me the most is that these so-called “non-racist” anti-illegal immigration groups spend much of their time bad mouthing Mexicans at their public events. They are all terrified of being labeled as racists, yet freely spout racist rhetoric. Odd, isn’t it? We have a name for people like this. The name is “hypocrite“.

It is thus clear that Third World immigration to the USA brings none of the supposed benefits that the pro-immigration lobby suggests. The truth is that Third World immigrants do not bring skills, prosperity, stability, or economic growth. On the contrary: they bring with them serious social problems that are then borne by native-born Americans, both financially and socially. Third World immigration threatens the very fabric of society, and unless halted, will see the final dissolution of the American Republic.

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