Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday Night In Tempe, AZ: Stand With Arizona Rally

My self, along with several of my comrades spent Saturday night at the Stand With Arizona Rally at the Tempe Diablo Stadium. Prior to the speeches, we got to meet and mingle with several political candidates including Buz Mills who is running for governor.

We were quite pleased to see so many White People gathered in one place to support the rule of law. As expected, many of the speakers made a point to stress that, “We are not racists.” Perhaps, they think if they say that enough times, they might actually believe it. In reality, many of America’s problems are race related. As is proving to be the case, denial can be quite harmful, even fatal.

All of the various cities across the country that have decided to boycott Arizona in protest of SB 1070 are not really hurting Arizona. They are actually hurting the Mexicans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans that prepare the food, and clean the rooms the tourists and businessmen stay in. Boycotts are often poorly thought out “knee jerk” reactions. In time, we shall see how many people jump on this bandwagon.

Hopefully, these ungrateful foreigners working in the service industry will lose their jobs when travelers quit coming. They might be forced to return to their countries of origin or move next door to California and drive some more nails in their economic and social coffins.

Thousands descend on Phoenix for immigration march, rallies

PHOENIX — People from out of state came to Phoenix in the thousands to express their opinion, both support and opposition, on Arizona's new law targeting illegal immigration.

Thousands more people rallied in Tempe for the Stand With Arizona Buycott to show their support for Arizona on Saturday evening. Those supporters of the immigration bill are encouraging people to continue to come to the state for vacationing and avoid boycotting the state.

I did manage to get a good shot of Lou Ferrigno. I remember watching the original Incredible Hulk series before they became reruns. My favorite line was, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Well, many Americans are angry. They are angry at the government and the crooks posing as politicians that run it. I was pleased to hear that the Hulk doesn’t like illegal aliens either. He lives in the “People’s Republic of California” and should know first hand how illegal immigration can destroy an entire state.

Arpaio Makes the Hulk an Honorary Deputy

PHOENIX - There was a celebrity sighting at the 4th Ave Jail Friday. Lou Ferrigno, best known for playing the original Incredible Hulk, was sworn in as an honorary deputy.

Ferrigno is a big supporter of Sheriff Joe and SB 1070. He lives in California and says he knows first-hand the problems associated with illegal immigration there.

Arizona is under heavy criticism from the left wing zealots for passing legislation geared to protect its’ own citizens from the perils of illegal immigration. Arizonans are being attacked as "racist," "nazi" and "extremist." The liberal left wing open borders crowd believes they can marginalize, demonize and isolate Arizona. It is their goal to pressure the citizens of Arizona to stop enforcing the law and look the other way.

I was disappointed that Phoenix New Times blogger Steve Lemons and his sidekick, Dennis Gilman didn’t make an appearance at this event. Perhaps, they wanted to avoid conflict with the numerous members(a.k.a. biker thugs) of the “nativist crowd” that were present. Maybe they were just worn out from the big march in downtown Phoenix. Hopefully, I’ll see them at the next event.

Experts suggest that approximately 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens are committing felony document fraud by using fraudulent Social Security cards to obtain employment. The Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service facilitate illegal immigrant-driven identity theft. Both turn a blind eye to massive SSN fraud and take no action to stop it.


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