Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vekol Valley Illegal Immigration Patrol: “Team 1070”

I spent the last 24 hours on an illegal alien patrol in the Vekol Valley. This is my regular patrol area and is the same vicinity where that Pinal County sheriff’s deputy was shot by Mexican drug smugglers a week after Governor Jan Brewer signed immigration bill SB 1070 into law. This shooting resulted in an extensive manhunt that resulted in the apprehension of over 100 illegal aliens in less than five days.

We observed a large quantity of toilet paper scattered about and found a backpack where someone actually packed their feces in a rag. Yes, it was disgusting and we‘re not sure why anyone would pack or carry their own excrement. We also came across approximately 30 bicycles. Most of them were inoperable, but we made sure nobody would be able to attempt using them again.

Aside from signs of illegal immigration, we saw an abundance of animal life. We saw lots of jack rabbits, cattle, wild horses, and a pair of young coyotes. (the four legged variety)
In the interest of safety, we decided to heavily arm ourselves for this expedition. If Mexicans are perfectly willing to fire on law enforcement officers with AK-47's, I'm sure they would be perfectly willing to shoot at anybody.

Following our first patrol, we returned home. After enjoying a delicious pot roast with potatoes, onion and baby yellow carrots, we decided to go back out into the field and perform a nocturnal patrol. We were back on the road by 1:00AM.

We made a short pit stop at the Circle K in Stanfield and headed south. Shortly after crossing the Pinal County line, we were pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy. We stated that we had weapons on board and the deputy told us to have a good night. The duration of this traffic stop was barely 30 seconds. This was probably the shortest traffic stop I ever witnessed. I think we were racially profiled and allowed to be on our way because we were white. I think they were looking for somebody, but not us.

Before arriving in Stanfield, we saw another deputy driving around with his lights off on SR 84. This area is usually very active.

During our recon, we discovered 22 possibly stolen/smuggler’s “load vehicles. Almost all of them were Ford F-250’s. Many of them were wrecked and partially stripped. We decided to record their VIN’s so we could direct a report to law enforcement.

Shortly after 9:00AM this morning, we observed a group of illegal aliens walking down the road. They got scared and ran away from us. They bolted off the road and into the desert much in the same way cockroaches scatter when a light is shined on them. They ran pretty fast. People that are breaking the law, often run.

We decided to expand our search area after discovering a trail that took us through some rough and rarely traveled country in the Cimarron and Batamonte Mountains. After a couple of hours, we ended up at the doorstep of a copper mine in Ajo, AZ. We found it entirely possible to drive from Stanfield to Ajo without touching a paved road.

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