Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More on Saturday’s Stand With Arizona Rally. . . .

In my previous blog I said the following: "We were quite pleased to see so many White People gathered in one place to support the rule of law. As expected, many of the speakers made a point to stress that, `We are not racists.' Perhaps, they think if they say that enough times, they might actually believe it." It’s not everyday that Steve Lemons and I agree with something, so I thought I’d expand on my thoughts some more.

Simply put, I like to call things as I see them.

In the name of political correctness, people will insist they have no bias towards other ethnic groups and races. In reality, they do. I’m sure much of it is intentional, but racism/bias(depending on one’s definition) can also be less obvious and perhaps even involuntary. Scientific studies suggest that bias is genetic. As we know, not all human behavior is learned. It’s only natural to prefer people most like yourself.

Some years ago, I worked as a supervisor for a marketing company. The owner of that company claimed, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.” After more than a decade, I still remember his exact words. I may have forgotten this sentence if it weren’t for the fact he would try to make $1.00 bets with me if the new black hire would return for a second day of work. Decide for your self. Was he racist? I never took the bets.

Despite my views, I did treat every employee with the same respect. I worked with many alcoholics, jail work release, half-way house, homeless and mentally unsound people of all races. This position required a tremendous amount of patience. Imagine dealing with adults that would take a dump in their pants, completely ignore instructions, get arrested on the job or forget what day it was. Imagine how embarrassing it could be if you had to apologize to a client on behalf of your employer because of the things the people on your crew did in public.

This same employer also employed illegal aliens. Imagine, having a position of responsibility where you were expected to perform a competent job only to have less than competent employees that didn’t understand a word of English. When these employees screwed up, it would be your fault. Then, try to imagine working in an environment where a language barrier could get you killed. Perhaps, these situations did much to cultivate my opinions regarding illegal immigration. Unfortunately, journalists rarely get this sort of first hand experience.

Neo-Nazis at the "Buycott," and Why National Socialist Harry Hughes Is (Sadly) Right

I mentioned in my roundup of Saturday's big anti-SB 1070 march that local neo-Nazi Harry Hughes attended the pro-SB 1070 "buycott" rally at Tempe's Diablo Stadium later that same say. Along for the ride was at least one other local neo-Nazi, Scott Hume.

I've been getting e-mails aplenty about how white supremacist J.T. Ready, who protested the anti-SB 1070 event at the state Capitol with a hanger-on, declared that Adolf Hitler was a "great white civil rights leader."

J.T. Ready uses different methods than myself , but I respect them nonetheless. One thing Hitler rarely receives credit for is that he dramatically slowed the spread of Communism.


Don’t believe everything the TV tells you. Question, discuss and debate events and ideas. Excluding an idea simply because you don’t happen to like it is not very scientific or objective. Remember, there was once a time where people thought the Earth was flat. Ultimately, this was proven by science to be incorrect.

7,000 Gather For Pro-1070 Rally

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Seven-thousand people packed into Diablo Stadium in Tempe Saturday night, making sure Arizona knew there are quite a few people who said the new immigration law is just what the state needs.

It was a major event for the pro-1070 movement, a rally bringing people from across the country to Arizona.

Butch Marsalis and his wife drove in from Texas.

"Just to show up. Sometimes a letter just kinda gets washed over and if we can just be one more then that's why we came," said Marsalis.

Please support and patronize Arizona businesses and products. I know this won't be as easy since the 1% sales tax increase came into play today. Securing the border is about protecting our citizens.

"The ongoing migration of persons to the United States in violation of our laws is a serious national problem detrimental to the interests of the United States."
--Ronald Reagan, 1981

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  1. That quote from Ronald Reagan is kinda rich. I am amazed he had the strength to lie like that in public.

    Aside from the Reagan quote in which he states that food should never be allowed to rot in fields, that man also brought about amnesty, signed the first no-fault divorce law and felt that homosexuals should be tolerated.