Monday, June 7, 2010

My Review: California Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada for a little “R & R”. I normally stay at the Hilton Grand Vacation Resort’s residential tower behind the Flamingo Hilton. This time, my friends and I booked accommodations at the California Hotel & Casino on 12 E. Ogden Street, which is near the Freemont Street Experience. This part of town is a bit sleazier and contains more negative examples of humanity.

We arrived early Friday afternoon(06/04/2010) and checked in. Unlike some of those mega-sized hotel and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, there was almost no waiting to get room keys. At this point, I was quite pleased. We also secured an excellent price on rooms. We paid approximately $20 less per night than if had stayed down on the strip.

The rooms were clean and well kept. I liked the view from the 20th floor. To my surprise, there was a refrigerator in the room too. The ice machine was right outside the door. Housekeeping seemed to keep themselves busy except for the Chinese woman that we heard saying, “bullshit!”.

We enjoyed a fine prime rib dinner with an all you can eat salad bar and dessert for only $7.95. The beef was tasty, tender and almost melted in my mouth. I was a very satisfied guest at this point.

Come Saturday afternoon, my attitude completely changed because of the conduct of a hotel employee. Shortly after 2:00PM on Saturday, I became an extremely unhappy hotel guest.

We were returning to the hotel and attempted to enter the parking garage through the “self park” lane. Although this lane was for “thru-traffic”, two selfish and inc0onsiderate guests decided to park their cars, open their doors and get out, preventing me from parking and getting back to my room.

The parking valet was present and appeared to be having a conversation with one of the rude motorists. I wanted to get through and I blew my horn after patiently waiting. The valet became vary angry and combative. I blew my horn again and pointed to the sign that said “self parking”. He continued to ignore me. I exited my car and raised my camera and took a photograph of him. He instantly became furious and shouted at me to get back in my car.

I definitely don’t like being told what to do by a sorry excuse for a parking attendant with a bad attitude. I yelled back at him and said that I wanted to get through and that intentionally blocking me like this was rude.

Finally, I was able to get through. The valet continued his profanity laced verbal assault against me as he started to chase my car on foot. He finally broke off his chase on the third parking level. I parked on the fifth level.

I decided to call hotel management and file a complaint. Somebody obviously left this dog off his leash. He appeared to be potentially dangerous. The manager pulled the security tapes for examination and ended up apologizing to me on behalf of this unprofessional and potentially violent parking valet as well as the California Hotel & Casino.

I travel to Las Vegas on a regular basis and this is the only incident in over 22 years. I can guarantee, that I will never stay at the California Hotel and Casino again. If I want to get into a fight, I don’t have to make the 320 mile drive and pay for a hotel room to do so. I can probably do it for free right here in my own neighborhood.

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