Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obama pours salt in a nasty wound by sending more money to Mexico. . . .

The way I see it, our so called “Commander in Chief” is a traitor. How could anyone in their right mind allocate more of our tax dollars to a hostile foreign country whose government is a likely accessory to the transportation of narcotics to the United States, especially when our own sovereignty is at risk? Try to tell me that the lunatics aren’t running the asylum.

I seem to remember military “combat-like” operations in Colombia during the 1990’s to slow the flow of cocaine to the United States. Why aren’t we doing this with Mexico? Where are the AWACS and gun ships? Perhaps, it’s because these Mexican drug dealers, Mexican politicians and the U.S. Government are in bed together. What other reason would there be to not shut down a major drug corridor?

Keeping American drug users high, keeps them stupid and compliant. While at the same time, millions of Third World invaders pour over the border. This scheme could possibly be the Obama administration’s master plan for the ultimate destruction of the United States.

Video: Gov. Brewer says Obama deciding to give Mexico double the money that it gives to Arizona for Nat. Guard protection

All those millions of dollars traitor Obama is sending to Mexico will more than likely end up lining the pockets of crooked Mexican politicians. The same politicians that are getting something on the side from the drug cartels to look the other way while tons of dope cross the border.

“Unfortunately, druggies make up a significant portion of the Obama base. So don’t expect this administration to lift a finger to deal with these alien felons. The dope must flow.” --Dr. Frank Lippenheimer

More than 22,000 people have been killed in Mexico by drug gangs and organized crime since 2006. That killing is already making its’ way north to Arizona. The road to America will be paved with mutilated and decapitated corpses.

Brewer says she is disappointed with border security plan

Brewer says the deployment falls short of what's needed and she's disappointed by funding plans. The governor says the $135 million for deploying the National Guard is less than half the amount of funding the federal officials claim will be provided to the Mexican government.

Every American should be extremely disappointed. James Madison, said, the militias spoken of in the Second Amendment, "being necessary to the security of a free State," could very well be the last line of constitutionally authorized defense against Obama’s tyranny.

Cash, weapons found after traffic stop in Phoenix; illegal immigrant arrested

PHOENIX -- Maricopa County sheriff's deputies arrested an illegal immigrant after seizing firearms and approximately a quarter of a million dollars in cash during a traffic stop.

Acting on a neighborhood complaint of a possible drug house, sheriff's detectives were watching a home in the 7200 block of Montecito Avenue.

It’s obvious that this particular illegal alien didn’t come here to get one of those honest crop picking jobs in order to make a better life for himself and his family. He came here to prey on people, both Mexicans and Americans.

How many of these criminals are out there? Due to uncontrolled immigration and a porous border, law enforcement has no idea. I hope you all sleep well at night. Home invasions and kidnappings are the trademarks of scum like this. In Arizona, these crimes make the evening news almost everyday.

Photos: Our ongoing armed patrols will continue.

“That's the way democracy works; it's a system which encourages hypocrisy and lying, which virtually guarantees it, whether Jews are involved or not. And when Jews are involved, when Jews control the process, then we get what we have in America today: open borders and a continuing flood of non-Whites into America, darkening our cities, darkening our schools, raping our women, killing our men, degrading our culture, destroying our civilization, with no elected official willing to stand up and speak out against it.” --Dr. William L. Pierce

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