Thursday, June 3, 2010

Urban Safari II: We returned to Phoenix, AZ

As with our last “urban safari”, we utilized public transportation to maximize the urban experience. Bright and early Thursday morning, we departed the park and ride lot in Maricopa, AZ. This lot is on the edge of town west of city hall. If the bus isn’t there, you will more than likely drive by without finding it. We arrived at Central Station in downtown Phoenix around 6:30AM.

We weren’t at Central Station ten minutes before some bum was asking me for smokes. I told him I didn’t smoke and that conversation was over just like that.

I grabbed a copy of the Phoenix New Times and purchased an all day transit pass. We hopped on the first train going east as Mill AV was to be our next destination.

We made it to Mill AV and walked around for a while. I stopped at the Rabbit Fountain at Center Point. I seated myself on the rabbit and read about myself in the New Times. This was a nice relaxing place to take a break before walking up Mill AV to the Tempe Town Lake. On our way north, I noticed a homeless person flanking us. I decided to change direction and let him get in front of us. I get tired of strangers walking up to me and asking me for stuff. I don’t believe in begging.

After wrapping things up on Mill AV, we got back on the Light Rail and made our way back to downtown Phoenix. It was our plan to go to the State Capitol and visit the Capitol Museum. I have been to the Capitol many times to attend immigration demonstrations, but never got to check out some of the tourist attractions.

Once we stepped off the light rail, we got on the DASH Government Loop bus. This service is provided by the City, free of charge. This being the case, the occupants were some of the most “ghetto” people we encountered all day. It was crowded and this Negro in a wheel chair appeared to know everybody. He just wouldn’t shut up. If diversity isn’t your thing, I suggest you avoid the DASH along Washington ST.

The Capitol Museum was almost empty. We checked out all of the exhibits on all of the floors. I even sat in the “big boss man’s” chair. I especially liked the USS Arizona exhibit.

Outside the Capitol on the lawn were those anti-SB 1070 activists. I guess they’ve been out there for days. One was sleeping in a hammock and another was crashed out on the lawn. Everybody else was sitting in the shade under trees. Their signs were all sitting on the lawn. Real hard core activists would have had the motivation to stand up and hold those signs. They looked rather pathetic.

We got back on the Light Rail and ventured to the west side and got something light to eat for lunch. We encountered lots of freaky people along the way. We saw one woman that could sleep sitting straight up in her seat. Other passengers looked like zombies with blank faces. Several people, who were not paying attention, either missed their stops or missed the train altogether. One woman was so focused on her phone that the train pulled away and she was unable to get on.

After deciding to stop and walk around Chase Field, home of the worst baseball team in Major League Baseball, we stepped off the train and had a look around. It wasn’t long before some well dressed large Negro with a basketball walked up and started singing some jive. Fortunately, he shut up and walked away on his own.

Last but not least, we went to Sky Harbor Airport. We encountered a group of elderly people with American Flags. We learned that a group of World War II veterans were scheduled to arrive. We waited until their arrival. Most of them were in wheel chairs, but some of them managed to walk off the plane under their own power.

We will definitely be doing this again sometime. It’s more entertaining and cheaper than a movie. The total cost of bus fare and the all day pass was approximately $5.00 each.

“You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.” --Tyler Durden

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