Friday, June 11, 2010

White Man’s Adventures Through The Welfare System: Part #11

Over the last 32 months, I’ve visited quite a few doctors. Most of them provided at least adequate service and were professional while doing so. Keep in mind that I had no medical coverage or healthcare provider for the majority of that 32 month period.

Since becoming eligible for Medicare, I’ve been using services provided by the Sun Life Family Health Center in Casa Grande, AZ. I have been relatively satisfied with their overall performance.

One of the things I’m not so pleased with is that I have yet to see the same medical doctor more than one time. It seems that these doctors come and go or trade patients around. It’s impossible to develop a doctor-patient relationship when you only see the doctor one time. I have a hard time trusting doctors and require more than one ten minute conversation to develop any kind of level of trust.

A couple of months ago, I made an appointment and a Dr. Rodolfo Pina walked in the door and introduced himself. You can imagine that I’m not liking this already. Putting his ethnicity aside for a moment, I greeted him politely and listened to what he had to say. He indicated that I needed to go to the lab and give up some blood. I expected this and had no issue with it.

My opinion of Dr. Rodolfo Pina

What really pissed me off is that Dr. Pina tried to shove religion down my throat. If I wanted religious advice, I would have found a priest or gone to church, not to a medical facility. As far as I’m concerned, medicine is a science and should be treated as such. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science and apply the scientific method to much of what I do. I expect a medical doctor to act in much the same way. It’s the professional thing to do.

I’m 100% positive that Dr. Pina would have become extremely upset with me if I explained my religious views. He would have been so upset and offended that it would have been impossible for me to receive quality and professional medical advice from him.

The Sun Life family Health Center provides medical care to many low income(AHCCCS & Medicare), illiterate and vulnerable patients. Many of these patients show up for help on the worst day of their lives. Like a snake, Dr. Pina preys on these people, polluting them with his religious ideology.

I called the patient services office the day before yesterday. I explained my extreme dissatisfaction with Dr. Pina and said that he would no longer be my doctor. I came right out and said that he was a chicken hawk and chicken hawks go where the chickens are.

It wouldn’t have surprised me if the mixed up doctor would suggest that I go and hang some chicken’s feet from my front door, collect a jar of pig’s blood and place a bloody goat’s head on an altar. Am I paying for a medical doctor or a witch doctor?

Next Wednesday, I have another doctor’s appointment at the Sun Life Family Health Center. If I’m lucky, none of you will need to read about that visit.

“My religion is a racist religion. It does not require me to hate anyone of another race or to harm anyone of another race, so long as he does not threaten or impede my own race. But it does require me always to put the interests of my own people ahead of any other race's interests or any individual's interest, including my own.” --Dr. William L. Pierce

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