Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Illegal Alien Patrol: Sonoran Desert National Monument

Although today was one of the hottest days of the summer, we decided to conduct an illegal alien/drug smuggler patrol in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Some would rather sit on the sidelines and wait for cool weather. Others would criticize us, call us names or complain.

We were barely into our patrol when we noticed some suspicious objects along the road. We stopped to investigate and discovered several field improvised shoulder straps made of twine and burlap. Drug mules use these to carry heavy loads of marijuana on their backs. When they reach their destination, they are discarded.

Thirty minutes later, we observed a small group of Hispanic male subjects walking north in a wash. We stopped and they ran like rabbits through the brush. These guys were not crop pickers looking for a better life. They were obviously up to no good.

Further down the wash, we discovered more field improvised shoulder straps and several ski masks. Southern Arizona is not much of a ski area, so it’s quite possible, these masks were used for something less legal. I’m thinking home invasion or armed robbery. There’s certainly no need to keep your face warm when it’s 115 degrees outside.

After circling the area, we continued on with our patrol when it appeared that those guys were not going to come out of the bush anytime soon.

Eventually, we came across an abandoned cattle watering area. Sitting under a water tank, were 11 suspected illegal aliens. They quickly gave themselves up and asked for water. We provided them with water and asked them if anyone needed medical attention.

They told us that their coyote abandoned them out in the desert and that they were out there for eight days. It’s possible that their coyote was actually sitting amongst them. There’s no way to be sure. They were still a good days hike from anything resembling civilization and they were completely out of water. Some of them were exhausted from walking and the intense heat. A couple of them had badly blistered feet.

We notified the Pinal County Sheriff’s office and the Border Patrol. Being in a remote area, we expected an extend ETA for a response. During the wait, we must have handed out 30-40 20 oz. bottles of water. They drank it all.

Once the Border Patrol agents arrived, the subjects were carefully searched for contraband and taken into custody. Ultimately, they will arrive back in Mexico, re-hydrated, fed and no worse for wear.

One of the subjects said that he wouldn’t try crossing over in the summer again. I really don’t blame him.

For those of you that call us racists or vigilantes, you can add another name to that list. That name is “Humanitarian”. When was the last time one of you liberal journalists or keyboard commandos offered up his/her own water to someone he/she particularly didn’t like?

Senator John McCain voted against an amendment (Senate Amendment 1184) introduced by Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, that would have permanently barred gang members, terrorists, sex offenders, alien absconders, aliens convicted of domestic violence and aliens convicted of at least three DUI’s from the United States. The Cornyn Amendment was rejected on a 51-46 vote.


  1. Juan Miquen should be punished and deported.

    Talking out of 2 sides of the mouth.
    poor cheap ass AMERIKA cannot afford to pay
    a white laboror a real living wage.


    Grow up little boys & come work for me
    & I will whip U into shape !!!

    The world is my home
    not defined by some man made line in the sand.

  3. Interesting story - really I thought you types where just cold heartless dogs - if you really did help those people - bravo. But considering the rhetoric of J.T. Ready I am highly suspicious of this kind of conduct. I hope you do not run into Mexican drug lords. That would be one militant group against another. It wouldnt be a pretty outcome.

    Maybe some where in that hate rhetoric and the claims of wanting to be involved in killing unknown immigrants is just a lot of machismo jargon. I will continue to check you vato's out :).

    1. These guys are doing the job that the Federal Government will not do. We are either a nation of laws and due process, or we are not. Quit demonizing citizens who are fed up with dangerous people who are just simply allowed to walk into our country and do as they please!