Thursday, July 22, 2010

My New Hate Mail and Who Watches CNN

I was invited to do an interview with CNN regarding my illegal immigration patrols in the desert. It’s not all that unusual for me to grant such interviews, so I agreed to do it. The interview was to take place in front of the Sandra Day O-Conner Federal Court Building in downtown Phoenix.

During this interview, hundreds of protesters, some of them disorderly, were out in the street protesting SB 1070.

The producer and technicians were friendly. Being involved in the politically and socially volatile matters I engage in, I expect the worst when it comes to interviews. Most journalists enjoy doing “hit pieces” and “ambushes”. It’s a “bait and switch” tactic. I was told we’d be discussing our patrols and in reality, I was drilled on National Socialist ideology.

Today’s interview turned out to be an “ambush“. I was quickly put on the spot defending my position. I was totally prepared and didn’t pause or skip a beat. I’m certain, Rick Sanchez didn’t dig what I had to say.

I think this is the same Rick Sanchez who killed a pedestrian while drunk driving (he left the scene of the accident and returned 2 hours later). I see they've got respectable people over at CNN. If O.J. Simpson ever gets out of prison, they should give him a program.

It came as no surprise that my interview was edited to pieces. It's comforting to know, CNN has high standards for personal integrity and ethics.

Crowds grow outside SB1070 hearing in Phoenix

Seven people were arrested as they blocked traffic at 4th Avenue and Washington Street, holding a sign reading, "Stop SB1070: We Will not Comply." The street was cordoned off in front of the courthouse and police dressed in riot gear.

According to Phoenix Police spokesman Steve Martos, the protesters were told they had two hours to protest and were then told to disperse. When they didn't the seven were taken into custody without incident.

The protesters said they want to show civil disobedience and even if the law goes into effect they won't comply.

What my new fans had to say. . .

Victor Bess(negroid)July 22 at 1:08pm
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Caesarbarbararaquell Dominguez Sr July 22 at 1:40pm
all u neo-nazi's think u own the great u.s.a. but in realty ur ancestor's came from "europe cecent" and invaded this contry and took it away from the people who r the TRUE u.s citizen's and thoese people r the "NATIVE AMERICAN'S INDIANS" u really need 2 go back 2 school and learn ur history, r u 4 real, the things u think u know about being an "AMERICAN" r tainted, and if u think about it if u were a "TRUE" american of this country ur bloodline would with color and ur flag would b the right 1, u neo-nazi's r a big disgrace 2 the american's ur so hung up on having a orgin or country go 2 the country of the flag ur so proud of an leave the land 2 the people who really belong here, cuz in reallty most of arizona n california belonged 2 "MEXICO" the blood ur so proud of "STOLE" it and "KILLED" 4 it u ignorant bastard

These statements are “as is” It really pained me not to correct their spelling and grammar. I couldn’t help but notice that these individuals couldn’t spell or use proper punctuation to save their lives. Hell, they can’t even spell the cuss words correctly and they call me the ignorant idiot bastard. They make me laugh! If you want equality, don’t act inferior.

I’m sure these pathetic illiterates live very dull and boring lives as they sit in front of their television sets in a zombie-like state. I’m sure they are envious of the exciting and adventurous life I live.

The May 29, 2003, Tucson Citizen quoted Senator John McCain as stating that "Amnesty has to be an important part of" any immigration solution. He was part of the bipartisan coalition that tried to pass amnesty legislation in 2006 and 2007. In 2006 he voted in favor of S. 2611, legislation that would reward between 10 and 11 million illegals with amnesty if they apply for legal status and pay a $2,000 fine.

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