Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our patrols continue. . . four more rescued!

The U.S. Government has ignored the will of the people on foreign policy, health care and now, immigration. Those elected politicians feel that they are privileged and can walk all over the Constitution and ignore what the people actually want.

The states are showing that they have power. States control what happens within their borders and the federal government controls what happens between borders. Illegal immigration is not about illegal aliens going from AZ to PA to NY to VT. They come here, settle in a state and bleed it dry. Therefore, it is a state issue.

Immigrant deaths in Arizona desert soaring in July

PHOENIX — The number of deaths among illegal immigrants crossing the Arizona desert from Mexico is soaring so high this month that the medical examiner's office that handles the bodies is using a refrigerated truck to store some of them, the chief examiner said Friday.

The bodies of 40 illegal immigrants have been brought to the office of Pima County Medical Examiner Dr. Bruce Parks since July 1. At that rate, Parks said the deaths could top the single-month record of 68 in July 2005 since his office began tracking them in 2000.

In doing my part, I patrolled again this weekend. We went somewhere south of Interstate 8. I cannot go into more detail for security reasons. We found four illegal aliens. Two of them were wandering the desert for nine days and had no food or water. One of them could barely walk. We notified the Border Patrol and they came for them.

If we had not come across those individuals, they may very well be providing some convenient nourishment to the local vulture population.

Man with neo-Nazi ties leading patrols in Arizona

A group of civilians with neo-Nazi ties has been leading their own heavily-armed desert patrols against illegal immigrants.

The group boasts on a Web entry on the blog "Just Another Day:" "There are 11 less illegal aliens in this country thanks to us. We are doing the job the federal government refuses to do."

"They're coming to this with the express purpose to create some kind of a controversy," said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

If we were driven by hate, we'd simply leave them to die out in the desert. Wouldn't we? I'm driven by love for MY country.
Apparently, we have some mind readers out in the peanut gallery as not one person asked me what my motivation was before running this story on the evening news. Perhaps, Sheriff Babeu should get together with me and have a chat. This could very well be a different situation if it was not an election year.

The government needs to stop listening to Mexico and start listening to U.S. citizens because the people are more than getting tired of it. In fact, the people are getting very angry.

McCain has a pro immigration history (but now it is an election year so he flipped). Voted to kill border fence. In 2006, Mr. McCain voted for an amendment to S. 2611 offered by Sen. Arlen Specter to require consultation with the Mexican government concerning the construction of fencing along the U.S.-Mexican border.

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