Thursday, July 29, 2010

SB 1070 Fallout: This eruption of tempers could get ugly.

By blocking important provisions of Arizona's SB 1070, “activist” Judge Susan Bolton has pushed our nation toward a radical expansion of the rights of illegal aliens. Otherwise, giving criminal aliens more rights than law abiding citizens.

Judge Bolton's ruling also undermines the rights of every American citizen, while leaving the states as pawns in a federal amnesty plan.

In fact, the legal thinking behind Bolton's decision came directly out of the Obamanista Communist playbook by consolidating and centralizing all power in the Obama Administration.

As the National Review wrote: "If [Bolton's] reasoning stands, we will basically cut Congress out of immigration policy and the states out of enforcement. Instead, our immigration system will entirely depend on executive discretion at a time when the executive has little interest in enforcing the law.”

Arizona immigration law injunction adds more turmoil to state's controversy

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton's decision Wednesday to block key provisions of Arizona's controversial immigration-enforcement law throws more turmoil into an already tumultuous legal and political controversy.

Leading up to 12:01 this morning, when the law took effect:

Arizona immigration law protesters arrested after blocking street

More than a hundred protestors blocked Washington Street near Phoenix City Hall Thursday in a mass act of civil disobedience and anger over the enactment of Arizona's tough new immigration law.

At least 14 were arrested and are confirmed in custody; more arrests are possible, as other groups of individuals are lying down in the street or standing with their arms linked in the roadway. Police in riot gear began moving in against the protestors just after 10 a.m.

I say, deploy tear gas and zap them with the tazer. That will get them out of the way. If they opt to act like savages, they should be treated as such.

So much for them being really nice people coming here to make a better life for themselves and their families on the backs of tax paying citizens.

The labeling of criminal behavior as “civil disobedience” is at best, a lame attempt to “soften” socially unacceptable behavior. Perhaps, if somebody blocking the street becomes “road pizza” somebody just might get a clue. Otherwise, it won’t be long before the fires and looting begin. I’m sure that will make the brown invaders more likeable.

It looks as if Sheriff Arpaio will be able to fill some of those extra beds he recently created in his Tent City Jail. I’m glad he planned ahead.

On February 15, 1998, the U.S. and Mexican soccer teams met at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The crowd was overwhelmingly pro-Mexican even though most lived in this country. They booed during the National Anthem and U.S. flags were held upside down. As the match progressed, supporters of the U.S. team were insulted, pelted with projectiles, punched and spat upon. Beer and trash were thrown at the U.S. players before and after the match. The coach of the U.S. team, Steve Sampson said, "This was the most painful experience I have ever had in this profession."

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