Friday, July 2, 2010

Wednesday’s Joke: Obama’s Speech On Immigration Reform. . . .

Does anyone with a rational thinking brain honestly believe anything that this pseudo-commander-n-chief has to say about immigration reform? Between spewing about “boots on the ground” and the re-gurgitation of the Emma Lazarus plaque that collects pigeon droppings on the Statue of Liberty, does he honestly have a viable solution to deal with this runaway epidemic?

Let’s breakdown Wednesday’s installment of teleprompter prepared male bovine fecal material that came spewing from Obama‘s mouth:

1. Obama wants illegal aliens to come forward and admit they did wrong and that they are here by registering.

Is Obama really serious? I worked with legal and illegal aliens for more than two decades. One thing I learned was that they never admit guilt when they do wrong. I had one Sergio Espinoza who was working with a fake alien ID card. He was a no call, no show for several days. Upon returning, he told me that he was not familiar with the American custom of calling in when sick. I promptly fired him. Little kids can lie better than that.

On TV shows like Cops, the Mexican that gets caught always says, “There must be some mistake.” or “I didn’t do nothing.” You will never hear them confess. I'd rather try squeezing water out of a rock.

2. Obama thinks illegal aliens should pay a fine for breaking the law by crossing the border illegally.

As things are now, we cannot seem to get illegal aliens to pay their parking and traffic tickets. They simply skip out on paying or eventually serve a few weeks in a nice comfortable tax payer supported county jail. To conceal their real identity, many will commit identity theft/fraud and use somebody else’s name. What makes you think they will pay this fine. Does Obama smell what he’s shoveling?

3. Obama wants illegal aliens to pay their back taxes. Part of being an American is enriching the I.R.S.

An illegal alien that has not paid taxes during the last 5-15 years is going to owe lots of money in taxes and penalties. Going back to #2. . . They refuse to pay traffic tickets and skip out on most other penalties.

Many don’t even take care of their own kids. That’s why our social service programs are almost financially ruined. Why would they get caught up on their back taxes? Wouldn’t they simply continue doing as they did before and stay off the books by remaining underground?

4. Obama wants illegal aliens to learn English.

It’s been my personal experience that Mexicans make no effort and have absolutely no desire to learn English. They don’t want to be Americans. All they want are the benefits Americans enjoy without putting something in the kitty.

A Mexican that has been here for 15 years, still doesn’t know how to speak English because he or she apparently had no ambition to do so. Lack of ambition is a primary factor for Mexico’s current state of being. Now, they want to come here.

Many Mexicans that cross the border illegally, are poorly educated and cannot read or write their own language. Is it realistic to think they will all of a sudden decide to learn English? I highly doubt it.

Mexico is a country whose culture revolves around breaking the rules. In almost 26 years of living in Arizona, I have yet to meet an honest Mexican. Don’t expect this to change due to immigration reform which is nothing more than a new set of rules to break.

It’s obvious that I did not like what Obama had to say today. Unfortunately, this country is full of people that cannot or will not read between the lines and rationalize what politicians have to say. Then, we let these same people run to the polls on election day.

"They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." --George Carlin

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  1. On back taxes. . .

    I’m hopeful the penalties exceed the refunds they may be eligible to receive. Having many children to deduct, they may end up getting more money than they paid in. This will create an additional burden on the taxpayer.

    Those that received public assistance while working under the table, should also be required to pay a fine and reimburse the agencies they defrauded. After all, a thief is a thief regardless of where they come from.