Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Electricity Costs to Skyrocket? A.P.S. to E.D.3 transition in Maricopa, AZ.

Without any regard to the many low income APS customers in Maricopa, AZ, the greedy utility companies with the help of the Arizona Corporation Commission, have decided to “play Monopoly” with our lives. How many of us will find ourselves pushed up against the wall and possibly left in the dark?

APS and Electric District No. 3 (ED-3) have reached an agreement that calls for the sale of APS’ distribution facilities adjacent to and inside of ED-3 boundaries from APS to ED-3. APS currently serves about 4,000 customers in the area of western Pinal County also served by ED-3. Under this agreement, which must be approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission, these customers would be served by ED-3.

This transition has been approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission and will take place by the end of September 2010.

My email to E.D.3:

I am concerned about how the APS/ED3 transition will potentially increase my electric bill by as much as 40%. Currently, I have an “E-3” rate because I am a disabled low income APS customer. Does ED3 have a special rate for low income customers? As a result of an ever increasing cost of living, I live without air conditioning in the summer and without heat in the winter. I simply cannot afford to use the electricity. Will this transition eventually leave me in the dark because I cannot afford the huge increase? Many people in this transition area are poor.

Note: There is no mention of special rates for low income customers anywhere on E.D.3’s website. Both, APS and SRP offer these lower E-3 rates to their poorest customers. As we know, we cannot choose our electricity provider due to a government enforced monopoly. Not one of these 4000 customers had a real say in what would ultimately cause severe financial burdens to their families. The “fix” was on!

E.D.3’s reply to my question:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email below. ED3 does have a plan similar to the low income and medical plan that APS offers. If you are currently on one of these plans with APS, you will by default be placed on the same plan at ED3 once the transfer has taken place. Some customers will see a 4-5% decrease in monthly power bills, there are no anticipated increases. Please let me know if you have further questions, I would be happy to speak to you over the phone or to continue corresponding by email. Thank you.

Hopefully, this is going to be true. Each and every day we are bombarded with lies. It becomes difficult to separate the truth from all of the lies. Those that are in power firmly believe they cam make a pile of excrement smell like a rose.

Since receiving this reply from ED3, I spoke with two low income ED3 customers. Both of them told me that there is no low income discount. Who do I believe? My friends? The electric company? The answer is obvious.

Believe it or not, I spent less that $570 during the last 12 months on electricity. That represents approximately 4.7% of my annual income. A 40% increase in the cost of electricity will push that up to 6.7%. Just tack that on to the 1% sales tax increase that kicked in recently and you’ll see that there is no relief in sight, especially for fixed income Social Security recipients who will not be looking forward to receiving a cost of living adjustment next year.

In the mean time, banks and insurance companies will continue to enjoy those dubious government bail outs that will be paid for on our backs and the backs of our descendents.

Perhaps, the time has come for angry mobs, armed with pitchforks, to storm the fortress and remove the tyrant.

How will the monthly bills of APS customers moving to ED-3 be impacted?

The standard rates for the two utilities are comparable. The average APS monthly residential bill based on 1,541 kilowatt hours of use is $181.72. ED-3, meanwhile, offers different rates for customers who receive electric service via underground and overhead distribution lines. Based on 1,541 kilowatt hours of usage the average ED-3 residential bill is $188.81 for underground service and $171.67 for overhead service.

The severe impact of this purely financial transaction on the low income “E-3” rate customers is completely ignored. Once again, we can clearly see that the poor have no voice in what takes place in their everyday live and communities. The corporations and a corrupt evil government control everything. We are nothing more than serfs on the transnational corporation controlled global plantation.

This is a unique transaction, and APS will provide new information as it becomes available. In the meantime, customers can visit or call (520) 421-8455.

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  1. "Some customers will see a 4-5% decrease in monthly power bills. . ." (quote from ED3's email) Really??? According to my new ED3 bill, I have suffered a whopping 27% increase!!!

  2. Customers allege ED-3 ripping them off

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    Dear Editor,

    We have lived out in the Hidden Valley area for many years. We were an APS customer and were recently transferred to ED-3 power. We installed solar electric panels to reduce our electric bill and carbon footprint over a year ago. We enjoyed the basic electric payments (about $10 a month) with APS when our panels were producing their best. ED-3's basic rate is $13.46. The only way for us to recoup our expense of installing the panels is through reduced electric bills. On our recent statement, it showed a $30 payment was due. Since we still had solar credits, we thought it must be a mistake. When we called, we were informed that any electric bill under $30 a month would be bumped up to $30 a month no matter how much electricity is actually used or created.

    How can we be charged for something we never bought?!

    We think this is very unfair to the people who have installed solar electricity. When we questioned ED-3, they were quite rude stating, "It's only $30 a month" and "We have bills to pay." We have bills to pay too.

    Say you went to the gas station and had to pay $50 every time, even though you only pumped a few gallons; or to the grocery store and had to pay $100, even if you bought just milk and eggs.

    Yes, you would feel ripped off!

    We did not want to be switched to ED-3 from APS. We read the paper and saw many of the complaints about ED-3. We were glad not to have them. All we have to say is "Shame on you ED-3! You shouldn't be ripping people off!

    Kirby and Debbie Faulkner

    Arizona Corporate Commission complaint number- 1.800.222.7000

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