Friday, August 27, 2010

Illegal Alien Patrol Hampered By Monsoon Flooding

The last weekend of August has turned out to be one of the most remarkable. We decided on conducting a multi-county/group illegal alien patrol a couple of months ago. We managed to get people to travel here from all over the west. Out of all the years of living in Arizona, yesterday was perhaps the most unseasonably cool day I ever experienced in August.

Not long before all of the activity was to begin, heavy monsoon thunderstorms battered the area near Arivaca, AZ and northern Mexico. For two consecutive days, we had to deal with the delays caused by some sever flooding. When a wash floods, there are few options, but to wait until the water subsides because there are no detours.

Despite poor weather conditions, we managed to locate two illegal aliens that walked right into Arivaca, AZ. They both had backpacks and their feet and pant legs were soaked. Within minutes, we found a Border Patrol agent and pointed out the subjects. They were probably on the Wackenhut bus back to Mexico before their feet dried.

We managed to negotiate the mud along the border fence. After following the fence, we saw that it ended 7 miles outside the Port Of Entry at Sasabe, AZ. This area is supposed to be closed to the public because it’s is supposedly too dangerous due to drug gangs from Mexico. We didn’t see any Mexicans with AK-47’s this time. Also missing was the Border Patrol. More often than not, they will come out and make contact with us when we approach the fence. I came to the conclusion that this fence is not much of an obstacle and can be easily defeated by motivated individuals.

We spent out first night camped out on a hillside overlooking Arivaca and the surrounding mountains. We had a perfect vantage point. All we heard were some four legged coyotes and an annoying cow that moo’ed most of the night. After a light breakfast, Coca Cola and Coffee, we broke camp and moved on to another campsite inside the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. This area presented places with less rocks.

We were forced to pitch a tent on some less than desirable ground the night before. I’m glad I had foam sleeping pads to smooth out some of the lumps.

I managed to get the majority of my gear dried out Friday morning only to have it get soaked again by late Friday Afternoon. If I ever ask any of you to go camping with me, keep in mind that it almost always rains. Prepare to get wet and muddy.

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