Monday, August 30, 2010

Illegal Alien Patrol Hampered By Monsoon Flooding: Part #2

We were finally able to enjoy some reasonably dry weather by Saturday afternoon. After a couple of days, some of us were starting to get tired of the downpours and flooding. Keep in mind that it rains nearly every time I decide to take my tent and camp somewhere. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or where my destination happens to be. Fortunately, I can put up my tent and establish a camp at night in the pouring down rain.

Our troops were out late on patrols, so I decided to put together a large pot of beef stew. Following my return from taking care of some related business in Tucson, I got busy with dinner. I had hoarded a couple of cans of hard to find government surplus canned beef. I chopped away at the potatoes and carrots and threw them in the pot along with the beef. After a couple of hours of simmering, chow was ready. By morning, there was very little left in the bottom of the pot.
This meal was made possible due to the fact I had a P-38 can opener on my keychain. The brand new dollar store Chinese can opener failed to open even one can. It was promptly discarded.

I observed a variety of birds and insect life on my border excursion this weekend. Bailey wasn't too sure about the ravens or the praying mantis. We also encountered a huge beetle(unknown species) at our camp. Maybe he smelled my big pot of beef stew cooking.

After the rain was finished on Saturday, tarantulas were crossing Arivaca road every few yards. Some of them didn’t make it and the vultures were having a field day picking up free meals.

Other than the two illegal aliens encountered on Friday, we didn’t run into any others. I picked up some intel from an archery deer hunter before breaking camp on Saturday afternoon. I will use that information to help determine my next patrol area.

As it stands now, I think I might encounter more action closer to home. Because of there being such a strong Border Patrol contingent in southern Pima County, illegals are opting to take alternate routes through the Indian reservation.

State, Federal Officials Disagree Over AZ Drug Cartel Violence

PHOENIX -- Arizona Drug Enforcement Agency special agent Romona Sanchez said thanks to a major crackdown by the United States and Mexico, drug cartels are more desperate than ever.

"Just look at the numbers of extraditions. Just look at the numbers of arrests," Sanchez said.

On Tuesday, the war against human and drug trafficking reached an all-time high: 72 people were found executed at a ranch less than 100 miles south of Texas in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Who in their right minds is going to believe the Feds or the state? After decades of lies and a total inability to take action or responsibility, we should trust neither and keep our firearms handy.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is running for re-election. . .

Sheriff Paul will continue to fight against the Obama administration and Eric Holder.” I know you have been asked by many candidates for a contribution, yet I would sincerely appreciate any financial support you can make today. My re-election as the Pinal County Sheriff is critical and I may not win without your immediate help.

I am unable to send a contribution at this time, however, I will continue to conduct armed citizen patrols in the desert south of Interstate 8. We are taking back public lands controlled by the Mexican drug cartels.

You voted for Obama to prove you're not racist, Now, what will you do to prove you're not an idiot?

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