Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rain or shine, we will patrol the desert.

It was a wet and soggy weekend, but our illegal immigration/smuggling patrols continue. Our mere presence denies a multitude of criminal elements access to the Sonoran desert National Monument and other public lands.

We have been enjoying amazing success thus far. Amazing in that we operate with a modest force on a very limited budget. Apparently, the local and federal government are either not willing or capable of doing what we do even though they have millions of dollars to throw at the drug and illegal immigration problem. At this point, somebody should be feeling shame and embarrassment.

Despite all of the warning signs and negative publicity via the media, I was quite pleased to see several recreational users enjoying themselves south of Interstate 8. When it rains in southern Arizona, the temperature drops and people tend to come outside. They don’t seem to mind getting a little wet. Instead of being 110+ degrees, it barely made it into the 90’s.

We also observed a group of people on a humanitarian mission. They were looking for a missing person(who illegally crossed the border) that was presumed to be dead. They drove by our camp with Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies following up the rear. A couple of their guys were dressed in bright red t-shirts, standing up in the back of a truck.. It’s not uncommon for people to disappear, never to be heard from again.

This was by far one of the busiest weekends we’ve observed all summer. This simple fact deters drug and human smuggling because there are too many people out and about. The “bad guys” will find themselves being forced to move their operation elsewhere or run the risk of getting caught.

In addition to our patrols, we took some time to conduct a first aide training class. Being in a remote area, response time for first responders is often extended. It’s important that we become the first responders in the event of an accident or emergency.

Last night, a human smuggler in what turned out to be a stolen vehicle attempted to avoid our camp. Their attempt ended in failure when they got stuck. Later that morning, the BLM Ranger recovered the vehicle. Hopefully, the rightful owner will not have too much damage to repair.

Lesson: When smuggling illegal aliens on BLM land, stay on the marked roads. There’s a reason for those signs.

Many people, from law enforcement to locals out having a good time, stopped by our camp to visit. Many of our critics have labeled us as racist vigilantes and we take every opportunity to turn public opinion in our favor. Public relations has been an important component to our success.

Prior to breaking camp, we broke out some trash bags and picked up litter, much of which was left behind by illegal aliens who were on their way to destroy the rest of OUR country.

"But I ask you: whom can I trust in this day and age? Name just one party, of the left or the right, that hasn't stuffed us full of empty phrases and promises ever since 1918 and name one that even had even the slightest intention of fulfilling even a fraction of those promises." - -Dr. Goebbels

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