Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday’s Patrol: Operation Class Trip. . .

Saturday’s patrol was designated “Operation Class Trip” because we took the unique opportunity to show some of our youth the realities of life on the “Illegal Immigration Super Highway” here in Pinal County. It’s in all of our best interest to show our youth what our future might be like if the border is not secured.

With intelligence received from various sources, I’m happy to report that drug and human trafficking have slowed down in our patrol area. Soon, it will be safe enough for all recreational activities.

Despite it being hot and humid today, several well supervised teens came along to observe the damage criminal alien activity has inflicted on the Sonoran Desert National Monument. They saw the trash and waste deposited by Mexicans who could care less about the United States.

I told these young adults and soon to be future voters that they will ultimately have their destinies in their hands. I was pleased to see them take such interests as we know many teens are more concerned with socializing and the latest trends. Hopefully, they will use their skills in text messaging and social networking to stir up interest among their peers.

As soon at the weather cools off this fall, I plan on inviting these budding patriots to come out for an entire weekend.

If anyone still bothers to pick up magazines and read them anymore, here’s a real piece of trash. . . A.K.A. Forbes

I wouldn’t give this rag the honor of being nailed to the outhouse wall.

Open The Borders: Unchecked immigration will solve all of our problems.

There are too many houses and too many unleased offices, empty storefronts and vacant apartments. Too many factories sit idle, and if you sit quietly in some empty cubicles you'll hear the faint haunting sound of a YouTube video surreptitiously played there long ago.

The obvious answer is to open America's borders to any immigrant who wants to live here for more than five years. Permanent residency and full citizenship should be available for the asking,

All I have to say is that Michael Maiello is completely out of his freaking mind. The reader comments make a hell of a lot more sense.

The Second Amendment Fulfillment Store

Support Arizona businesses and SB 1070 while arming yourself at the same time. Sun Devil MFG is an Arizona based manufacturing facility dedicated to producing the industry’s finest billet aluminum rifle parts and accessories.

“The fact that, uniquely among all peoples, those of Western descent are not allowed to speak or act in their own interest—and that this denial may ultimately lead to their demise—is a moral evil. That which may not be spoken of—and likewise those about whose role in creating such prohibitions nothing may be said—signifies the greatest evil of all. Escaping this web of deceit is the fundamental existential dilemma of Western civilization and its founding people.”

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