Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maricopa, AZ: Little Caesar’s Grand Opening. . . I happened into a free pizza.

Today was the grand opening for Little Caesar’s Pizza along John Wayne Parkway in Maricopa, AZ. Maricopa already has somewhere from 8-12 places where pizza is served. I guess we needed one more. Normally, I tend to avoid food that is not prepared by myself as I’m all too aware of the fact the a variety of degenerates work in the food service industry. I decided to take the risk and make an appearance as I had nothing else on my agenda.

Upon my arrival, I saw colored balloons, a small crowd of people including the mayor and city council members and a vagrant looting the clothing donation box out in the parking lot. I walked right up to this smelly bum and started taking pictures. He never bothered to look up until I was only a couple of feet away. I definitely caught him off guard and he made a quick exit.

I returned to the store front and made contact with the mayor and shook his hand. A small crowd had assembled and were preparing to cut a red ribbon with giant scissors.

News & Notes – September 28th, 2010

Little Caesar’s Pizza will celebrate their Grand Opening in Maricopa tomorrow with free food and a ribbon-cutting ceremony from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Little Caesar’s is located at 20800 North John Wayne Parkway, Suite #106, in the south end of the Maricopa Fiesta Center, near Arena Sports Grill.

After the ribbon cutting, I mingled with a number of city council members. I spoke with a few of them about my anti-smuggling and illegal immigration patrols in the desert not too far from town.

Soon, we made our way over to the Little Caesar’s Love kitchen which is housed in a tractor trailer rig. Pizzas were handed out to city council members and I somehow managed to get one. With free food in hand, I decided that it was about time for us to go home and have lunch. We enjoyed a tasty meal. Booger and Bailey also got some.

We are slaves to their taxes, we are subjects of their "law", we cannot speak freely (the 1st Amendment is a distant memory), we cannot defend our lives to the best of our ability (think you still have your 2nd Amendment rights intact?), and we most certainly will not be "granted" any of our freedoms by an enemy who wishes to destroy us. We will have to TAKE our freedom back by force or we will NEVER know it again.


  1. I am glad you handled that vagrant.

  2. Yes they do, if you are n illegal alien, little ceasars pizza will have no problem hiring you. Most of the employees are illegal aliens and if your wondering why you can't get a job and are occupying Wall Street its because corporate companies such as Little Ceasars Pizza hire illegal aliens. Pure and Simple, E-Verify thats our cry!!!! Spread the word, if american citizens are to survive we must Take our Jobs back!!!! Financial aid for illegal aliens???? Can I become an Illegal Alien?? Im a second class citezen to a mexican who used to be a farmer now he works at Little Ceasars Pizza were I should work. Some say they take jobs no one wants, They are full of it! I would love to work at a Pizza Joint, I can hand toss a pizza, a mexicans cook pizza like quesadillas with rollers. Its true. Report all illegal activity to I.C.E, I.R.S., or simply call corporate Little Ceasars and ask them why they continue to aid and abed illegal aliens to work in this country illegally.1-800-722-3727. Next time you have no money and buy a pizza that taste like crap because the illegal alien has no idea hot to make a pizza and cant even speak english, do what you should have done a long time ago and stand up for your rights take your jobs back! This land is our land!!! My father immigrated legally and has been working as an indepenant contractor for 30 years with no help and does not have his hand out, to my father charity is like breaking the law, unless your are starving. Let an American go to Mexico illegaly and see what would happen.

    Maybe this is the annexation of the southwestern states from mexico, maybe lazy fat Americans should be dominated since they will not fight for their own livelyhood. They only care about their I-Phone or FaceBook accont or Facebook on their Iphone while driving to Starbucks and worry about their 99th week of unemployment coming near.. We are currently facing the first hand effects of the deteriation of society, wich may very well be annexation from Mexico.

    In 10 years the current legal population will be replaced with Mexicans, simalair to how other small countries have been shut down and replaced with puppets of the 1 percent.

    The baby boomer generation doubles both gen. x and y. Why is this? Because the rightful owners of this country are being weeded out.

    Capitalism only works when new players ,poor players begin to contribute as workers "Modern Day Slaves", you may ask well why weed out and replace certain factions? Because a big fish can only eat small fishes, as many self-made millionares are on the rise to name a few Oprah, P-Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Jay-Z Master P, and a few other sports figures have made their own rise to conglomeritism if such a thing exist, is it called imperialism? Many say some of these corporate giants are kingdoms who fear rising kingdoms and who pay no tribute to their subjects.

    Many would say that the U.S. never departed from King Goerge, and the revolution of 1776 was merely a ploy to create second class citizins once again such as peasants, but with a twist. They would give each Peasant or Citizen the idea that they coulod get ahead threw hard work and persiverance.

    I fear we are merely subjects of King Corporate America, and are being replaced with peasants from a region that does not resist or will for equality.

    The Nobel Class is the 1 percent.

    Occupy Wallstreet, and say you won the game of Monopoly and have all the properties, why should we the 99 percent continue to play? What would you do if your puny little brother had all the properties and all your other brothers and sisters had none, will you still play with your rich little brother(1%)?

    Or will you tell him the "Game is Over"