Saturday, September 18, 2010

Operation: “Night Out” near Silverbell, AZ

With all of the public outcry over illegal immigration, drug smuggling and other criminal activity in and around Silverbell, we just had to make a trip down there. I made a previous trip out that way last March and thought it was potentially good for some action. Now, it appears that the local residents are getting more action than they bargained for.

We packed up our trucks and made our way to the Ironwood Forest National Monument in southern Pinal County, just north on the Pima County line. Being a recon type mission, I opted to take a few items that would make us seem less menacing. I wanted to give any potential criminal spotters or lookouts the illusion of “recreation“, not “border operation“.

Pinal Co. Residents Fed Up with Drug & Human Smuggling

SILVERBELL, Ariz. - There have been several incidents of smuggling activity near the Sawtooth Mountains in Silverbell, south of the valley. One resident spotted a smuggler living in a cave, while another family were the victims of a burglary.

Pennee and Pat Murphree saw a man living in a tiny cave. He had food, walkie-talkies and binoculars. Investigators believe he was a spotter for drug smugglers.

Upon arriving at our destination, we set up camp and I unloaded my BMX bicycle. From a distance, who would suspect that? My goal on this mission was to observe what sort of traffic passes through the area. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies and other law enforcement agencies cannot just sit out there and watch. They patrol a huge jurisdiction and enjoy no luxury of time engaging in surveillance. Fortunately, I have plenty of time for such things.

As it turned out, it was a perfect night for camping and cooking out. Despite the 105 degree temperatures during the day, the nights are dipping down into the 60’s. We found a suitable campsite and I made some sausages and hot dogs.

I stayed up until the early morning hours. Every once in a while, I would point my laser at Sawtooth Mountain. I wonder if they(the local cartel) replaced that spotter that recently got deported? Again, the policy of “catch and release” makes it just a minor inconvenience to these criminal elements. They will be back all too soon.

Unlike some of the smuggling routes closer to home, this area was not littered with backpacks, clothing, bottles and other trash. I suspect “load vehicles” are transporting both human contraband and drugs out of this area. I believe foot traffic is minimal.

For a major smuggling corridor, it was way too quiet. Only one vehicle passed by and within minutes turned around and went back towards Red Rock. Hopefully, the media coverage, along with our patrols, will force the smugglers to go and fight with some other cartel for territory. In addition to denying criminals access to public lands, we also create competition among the various criminal enterprises. Often, this results in them shooting each other. There’s no doubt, that this is a good thing.

On my previous visit, the road from Red Rock was under water. After the Santa Cruz River receded, the road was impossible to negotiate. To my surprise, somebody went through considerable expense to make the road passable. In fact, Sasco Rd. is now in better shape than Silverbell Rd. After all, the smuggling corridor must remain open so the banks and corporations can rake in their ill gotten gains.


The reason is because of the drug cartel and coyotes using the highway making it too dangerous for Americans to travel.

It's interesting because the signs say if you see "suspicious activity" to call 911. The 911 calls don't go to the government, they go to the local Police Departments, and the government has sued AZ to stop them from enforcing the laws. So what could the Police do if they're called?

Update: Several hours after returning from this mission, an unknown suspect(s) came to my home and shot out the windshield and driver side window of my truck. This was the crime of a true hater and/or punk. Incident #100918280

“When some foreign national goes to the Salt River bottom and takes out a plane full of passengers departing from Sky Harbor using an RPG he brought up from Mexico, somebody just might listen. Maybe?” --Harry L. Hughes III

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  1. If you go in the desert. Take several guns and lots of ammo and don't go alone.