Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today Was “Recycling Day”. . .But, It Almost Wasn’t

In response to a sign on the bulletin board at the Farmers Convenience Store, myself and a friend loaded up my truck with aluminum cans, car batteries, extruded aluminum scrap, radiators and copper plumbing. We headed off to 49302 W. Mayer Blvd. in Papago Buttes. Of course, the sign on the bulletin board turned out to be too good to be true. I should have not been surprised.

We got there and discovered the address was that of one “Rueben”. Rueben, has on a previous occasion operated a tire repair shop from his home. More recently, he allegedly harbored illegal aliens in campers and travel trailers behind his dwelling. He was charging UDA’s $35 a week per person to stay. I obtained this information from one of the neighbors across the street.

It appears to me that Rueben’s always trying to cheat the system one way or another. I’m reasonably sure there was no business license to operate his various commercial enterprises from this residential location. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a criminal and worthy of criminal punishment.

I’m almost positive that he never paid one dime in taxes on the money earned fixing tires. I’m also sure he didn’t notify the county assessor’s office that he was using his property as a rental either. I almost forgot, Rueben is on disability, but seems to be able to do hard work such as changing tires. and welding wrought iron gates.

I really wanted to see if his scale for his scrap enterprise was certified by the Dept. of Weights and Measures. I’m almost willing to bet it isn’t.

Arizona Department of Weights and Measures

President Adams' statement still holds true today. When you think about everything you buy by weight, measure or count, it covers practically everything you purchase except for services. Add the fact that items for sale must be accurately priced and that air quality and fuel quality are essential, you now understand our mission.

Did I mention that Rueben is a “non-white”? Once again, if they want to be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin, perhaps, they should act more like honest civilized human beings.

While I was sitting in front of his home waiting to see if anyone would bother to come out, another man pulled up with scrap metal for sale too. I spoke with him and he told me that he drove all the way out here from Maricopa. While talking to this man, a woman finally emerged from the home and informed us that the scrap buyer wasn’t there. She went on to say that he would return in approximately 90 minutes. I was already pissed off, but this put me over the top. Don’t ever put up a sign posting business hours and not be there!

What will more than likely happen is, that man will probably dump that junk in some ditch or wash out in the desert on his way home. It wouldn’t have been worth taking the time, fuel or energy to make a second trip back to Rueben’s.

I waited 90 minutes and went back. . .

Believe it or not somebody was actually there this time. It seems that Rueben has a WHITE son in law that has the reigns of this recycling venture. He was friendly, while Rueben kept to the rear and avoided eye contact. Rueben lost weight and didn’t look so good. There were also several obvious illegal aliens living in a beat up RV behind the residence. They were shirtless and sitting at a table with a microwave oven sitting on top of it. It appeared that there was no proper sanitation hooked up anywhere. They all looked filthy.

The scale was nicer than a bathroom scale, but I saw no official state certification sticker on it. This guy also couldn’t tell steel from copper and I had to suggest that he get a magnet and small file to hang on his scale to keep from getting ripped off.

I had a milk crate full of copper cable and pipe plus three car batteries. I was paid $69.80 in cash. That was quite a bit more than I expected because he was paying $2.00/lb. For the copper. At least I’ll be able to finance my next illegal immigration patrol with the proceeds. I also developed more intel on illegals living in my neighborhood.

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