Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome to Maricopa. . . Look at Our Mess!

The primary elections are over and there’s nothing more irritating to the eyes than to see dozens of those annoying election signs scattered all over town. Maricopa is not a very attractive city to begin with, so having your dumpy town littered with these signs doesn’t help its’ image at all. Hopefully, this mess will get cleaned up before Christmas. In fact, I’ve seen crack infested neighborhoods that looked better.

One might think that having to live amongst trash and litter isn’t such a big deal when your city is city full of criminals, sex offenders and other scumbag type personalities. I beg to differ because trash and decay is an incubator for other more serious social ills. The City of Maricopa is just such an incubator.

I am tired of driving passed these election signs that are in various stages of falling down. Many of them are off the posts and laying on the ground. I drove by one the other day that was out in the middle of the street. Every time the wind blows, more end up where they shouldn’t be.

The politicians that erected these signs are nothing more than political prostitutes. They beg for you vote and once the election is over, they either disappear or betray the voter if they manage to get elected. They could care less if their signs are blowing in the wind weeks or even months after the election.

Political Yard Signs

Many people like to express their support for a political candidate with a yard sign. Sometimes this form of freedom of expression conflicts with a city law banning or limiting the time in which political signs may be displayed. The question becomes whether such city laws infringe upon citizens’ and perhaps the candidates’ First Amendment rights.

I support all political candidate’s First Amendment rights, but all bets are off when their signs are off their posts and blowing around out in the street. When their signs become litter, then the candidate should be paying a hefty fine for his or her negative impact on the environment.

I think it would be funny if someone would show up at Frank Pratt's house and dump a load of smelly garbage in his front yard. Let's put the shoe on the other foot. It would be really interesting to see what happens. I bet Frank would throw a fit. So, if anyone is looking for something to do. . .

Most cities and town have regulations that require candidate to remove their election signs within a reasonable time following the election. Wait a minute! When was the last time a lawmaker cared about obeying laws? What was I thinking?

I originally posted photographs of the election sign mess in Maricopa on Facebook on September 6, 2010. After a few more days, the mess only got worse and as I noticed by the comments only a few took the time to let their opinions be known. It seems that people’s priorities were focused around finding a Chinese restaurant instead.

My post on Facebook. . .

"Welcome to Maricopa. Look how messy we are." Location: NB SR 347 across from the high school. . . . Who is going to clean this up and when? Will the people named on the signs take some responsibility?

In Nearby Tempe: Political signs should not be allowed on city property.

Political signs on private property is not litter. Private property owners are free to exercise their freedom of speech. City property belongs to all of us who live in the city. I'm not allowed to put up signs on city property -- why should politicians? The city of Tempe has tough sign-age laws -- why are these laws ignored for politicians?

With an ailing economy, a shortage of employment opportunities and a city full of disgusting wasteful apathetic people, one can see that Maricopa is on the road from being Arizona’s 88Th city to becoming Arizona’s newest “ghost town”. The sooner, the better.

I have lived a few miles outside Maricopa’s city limits for nearly 18 years. I honestly liked it better in the days before incorporation when Maricopa had no stores, traffic lights and hordes of disgusting people. I say, “Let the cows stay and get rid of the people.”

'Tolerance And Apathy Are The Last Virtues Of A Dying Society” -- Aristotle

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