Monday, October 4, 2010

Dog at large and possible animal abuse at 19815 N Gunsmoke, Maricopa, AZ

Approximately one month ago, I was sitting in a lawn chair with Bailey at the F.O.R. Food Bank in Maricopa, AZ. It was around 7:00AM. After sitting for close to 30 minutes, multiple pit bulls approached me from the property next door and acted like they may become aggressive. I raised my heavily booted foot in a defensive way. I was not going to get bit.

A mouthy black teenage male approached me and got in my face. He had a very bad attitude. He thought his dogs had the right to roam at large and bother people who were minding their own business. He also thought that I had no right trying to defend myself. In my opinion, blacks only like seeing Whites as victims, not aggressors. If a White Person stands up to a black, the White is automatically branded a racist and dragged through the politically correct mud.

As a result of this rude black kid’s actions, I notified the Pinal County Animal Care and Control and advised them of the dog at large situation. Non of these animals had collars or licenses.

Today, one of those pit bulls was roaming at large again. Other people waiting for food donations at the food bank noticed that this brown pit bull with a red collar was extremely underweight. The sight of this dog reminded me of those WWII concentration camp photos. This dog’s ribs were very visible through her fur and skin.

A food bank volunteer somehow managed to get this dog back into her cage. There were four dogs on the back porch. They occupied three small cages. Some miserable life these dogs live. The sight of this, really made my blood boil.

For the second time, I have notified the Pinal County Animal Care and Control of the conditions these dogs are forced to exist in. I’m sure the “victim card” and perhaps, even, the “race card” will be pulled when the officer arrives and knocks on their door. These are the type of people that are never responsible for their actions. It's always somebody else's fault.

Prior to today’s incident, I saw that rude black kid walk one of the other dogs. I discovered that none of the dogs had any food and water. The occupants of the home appeared to have left for the day. I suspect that these lazy awful people didn’t feed or water their dogs because they didn’t want to have to clean urine or feces from the cages upon returning home.

I would love to see the owner(s) of these dogs spend a few months in a cramped cage with a 300 calorie a day diet. How would they like that? They would certainly know how their dogs felt. At minimum, this heartless person should get to enjoy a little jail time to learn a lesson about captivity and being at the mercy of others.

I did not judge “these people” based on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. I wonder if they would object?

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