Saturday, October 9, 2010

Medicare doctors can’t seem to treat anemia or get anything right.

As I’ve stated before, Medicare gets you the worst doctors. I’ve had anemia for nearly six years. Four years ago, After spending four days in the ICU at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center, I was diagnosed with multiple ulcers and given three units of blood. Yes, I was that low and I was still walking around, even trying to work.

After being released from the hospital, I managed to self-treat this problem with over the counter Pepcid AC. It worked for a while. This medication is quite costly compared to other prescription medication I take. A 42 count 3-pack runs around $27.00.

After waiting 30 months to get on Medicare, I was continuously losing blood, but failed to die. The government wants you to die, if you are no longer paying payroll taxes. That’s why they make you wait almost three years before becoming eligible for Medicare coverage once you are considered to be disabled. People are out there lingering for years before getting any kind of care. Just wait until Obamacare kicks in and some 30 million more patients jump in line.

Finally, I get a Medicare doctor at The Sun Life Family Health Center in Casa Grande, AZ. I made an appointment and got some blood work done. Some weeks later, I was told what I already knew. I was anemic. I am already getting angry at this doctor, which is probably further aggravating my ulcers. I am sent home to continue bleeding. This happens to be the same asshole doctor that thought I should get religion. Medicare was billed $140.00 for that visit.

On my second doctor’s appointment, the nurse asked me if I was taking the medication the doctor prescribed. I told the nurse that the doctor didn’t give me a prescription. Of course, the doctor and the nurse have failed to communicate. I’m convinced that the people at the Sun Life Family Health center all have their heads up their asses. Again, Medicare was billed $140.00 for this visit.

What Is Anemia?

Anemia is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells. These cells are the main transporters of oxygen to organs. If red blood cells are also deficient in hemoglobin, then your body isn't getting enough oxygen.

Red blood cells can be lost through bleeding, which can occur slowly over a long period of time, and can often go undetected. This kind of chronic bleeding commonly results from ulcers.

What about acute (sudden) blood loss as a cause of anemia?

Acute blood loss from internal bleeding (as from a bleeding ulcer) or external bleeding (as from trauma) can produce anemia in an amazingly short span of time. This type of anemia could result in severe symptoms and consequences if not addressed promptly.

How is anemia treated?

The treatment of the anemia varies greatly. First, the underlying cause of the anemia should be identified and corrected. For example, anemia as a result of blood loss from a stomach ulcer should begin with medications to heal the ulcer.

Sometimes iron supplements will also be needed to correct iron deficiency. In severe anemia, blood transfusions may be necessary.

Here I am, about to make another appointment with yet, another doctor. Do you think I’m going to get some real quality time with the doctor? Will it be worth the $25.00 co-pay? Is it going to be worth the monthly premium? I’m guessing the answer is going to be “NO” to all of those questions.

I am currently a pint or two low on blood. If I attempt to do housework or anything out in the yard, I have to stop after a few minutes. The demand for blood is greatly increased with exertion and my chest becomes tight and a considerable amount of pain is experienced. I wonder what the doctor will have to say this time. Will I feel like slapping him?

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