Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Press Runs With News of Our Rally in Phoenix, AZ.

The video and story of the National Socialist Movement’s rally in Phoenix on Saturday is still making its’ rounds on all of the local news channels as well as on the internet. I took lots of photos and I will share many of them with you over the coming days.

A couple of months ago, I came up with the idea of marching to the Sandra Day O’Connor US Court House. I thought it would be nice to do it there because the open borders crowd occupied what seemed like the entire block for at least a week while the fate of SB 1070 was decided in court. Of course, I was disappointed with the outcome in court.

I was very pleased that our opponents showed their true colors out on the street Saturday afternoon.

My idea became reality on Saturday. I was pleased to see that the counter protesters acted like uncivilized savage beasts. If you want to be called human, try acting like one. I was actually waiting to see these anarchists start throwing feces like a bunch of apes or baboons.

Anarchists, Nazis and the Battle of 8th and Jefferson

Phoenix-area anarchists earned the right to wear their Zapatista-like bandannas Saturday in a full-on street battle at 8th Avenue and Jefferson, with anarchists and assorted counter-demonstrators on one side, and the Phoenix Police Department and a contingent of neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement members on the other.

Although I cannot condone the throwing of rocks and other objects, neither can I ignore the determination and the fierceness of the fight from the anti-fascist side.

I had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Steve Lemons try to dodge that pepper spray. He is actually faster than he looks. I believe that his athletic skills are on some video that was aired on Fox 10 News. Nice work Steve!

According to Mr. Lemons, his blue shirt became a riot casualty. I keep extra clothes in my vehicle, too. It pays to be prepared.

Joke of the Day: Phoenix cops banner drop removal FAIL!

Yesterday's wildly successful confrontation with the National Socialist Movement had many highlights and it's hard to pick out just one. Everyone really brought their 'A-game', for sure. The barricades, the rocks raining down on fascists' heads, the smoke bombs, the fact that we held the NSM at a standstill in the street for well over an hour (past the expiration of their original permit)

Our storm troopers, although out numbered, made it to their destination and the rally still went on. They did not stop us. We still exercised our First Amendment rights. All of the speakers, including myself, said what we had to say. Unfortunately, the crowd is too closed minded to shut up and listen. I almost felt sorry for them.

I did notice that many of those that were pepper sprayed didn’t stick around and listen to our speeches.

I find it odd that the anarchists would claim their operation was a success. They should be feeling guilt and shame. Hopefully, these mindless punks will wake up and get a clue, some day before the real fighting begins.

I think those that throw rocks, concrete, nails and bottles at police, women and children are worthy of a free trip to the gallows. They are not my equal and never will be. I could care less what color they are. We will have no place for their kind under National Socialism.

State controlled capitalism is fascism. For example, Obama’s takeover of General Motors.

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